Walking The Shadow

In each of our lives, we bear daily witness to a battle of epic proportions. Two powerful and opposite forces are in a fight to the death. At stake is our health, our happiness, and the very earth itself. These forces go by many names, and you may recognize them as any of the following: […]

The Secret to Beating Fibromyalgia: 11 Whole Body Health Habits. Part 1

I’m going to let you in on a secret. It’s the secret to my success in treating Fibromyalgia. So far, I’ve been 100% successful helping patients overcome the pain of Fibromyalgia. The reason for my success  is simple: I get my patients to change their daily health habits. If you believe in holistic health care, […]

Pumpkin Spice And Everything Keto-Nice

As fall approaches, the pumpkin-craze has officially begun. If you are a lover of everything pumpkin, like so many of us, the temptation to indulge is very real. Many of you may be struggling to fit these delicious tastes of the season into your ketogenic lifestyle. Let me help you. Eating pumpkin is good for […]

Four Intelligent Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

In this article, I am going to dispense an intelligent, scientific, common sense approach to lowering blood pressure. But first, I need to help dispose of the unintelligent advice you have probably been given. Sadly, a large the amount of unintelligent information is pervasive throughout our supposedly intelligent world. Personally, I can’t believe how much […]

Winterize Your Body with this Super-Human Vitamin

What if I told you that there is a vitamin out there that could fight off depression?1 Or how about one that could reduce the risk of autism?2 What if I told you that there is a vitamin out there that could strengthen the entire human frame, improve our expression of genes, and increase our […]

How to Avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder

Let’s face it, all life comes from the sun. The sun, our galaxy’s special star, is a mega-giant nuclear reactor burning hydrogen and gasses to create all the life energy on Earth. When our planet is tilting toward the sun we enjoy summer and the world comes alive. All plants respond by springing forth into […]

Your Ketogenic Full Course Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving is and will always be one of my favorite holidays. A time for family and friends to come together and share laughter and reflect on the past year. For those of us eating low carb/ketogenic, the upcoming holidays don’t have to mean that our diets will be sabotaged by carbohydrate-laden foods. Often, my patients […]

Dr. Tim’s Flu Vaccine Recommendation

I’m not getting a flu vaccine this year. Why? Because it doesn’t work, it’s toxic, and there is a better way. In this article I’m going to discuss you the following points: How flu vaccines actually work Strong evidence the flu shot is not effective The potential dangers of a flu shot Five natural immunity boosters in lieu […]

Why Bone Broth is Essential for Immune Health

I frequently ask my patients on their first appointment if they’ve ever made or had bone broth before? Through words, I cannot describe the look on their faces and display of utter disgust that follows. With a chuckle, I give them the warm, healing, soothing description of what it is and how it is meant […]

A Normal Meal

Once upon a time in a suburb not so far away, lived two young boys with their loving parents. All year long the boys patiently waited for June to roll around because that meant school was out, and hours of enjoying the warm summer sun and playing with friends could begin. Every morning, the boys […]