Why Keto For The Holidays?

Gathering. Community. Something we all need more of around the holiday. What’s better than sitting around a dinner table with family and friends, consuming satisfying, delicious foods, the air filled with storytelling and laughter? Gathering together is intuitive to us all, breaking bread with loved ones is a time to restore thanks and love in […]

Pumpkin Spice And Everything Keto-Nice

As fall approaches, the pumpkin-craze has officially begun. If you are a lover of everything pumpkin, like so many of us, the temptation to indulge is very real. Many of you may be struggling to fit these delicious tastes of the season into your ketogenic lifestyle. Let me help you. Eating pumpkin is good for […]

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Ketogenic Recipes – Super Bowl Edition

It’s that time of the year again, when we gather around the oversized TV watching the big game . . . it’s what we’ve been waiting for! Knock’em, Sock’em, Rock’em!! The inner cheerleader in me wants to get up and do a split – I’ll refrain, as my body may reject to me moving in […]

Ketogenic Holiday Recipes To Bring Joy To Any Table

The spirit of the holidays is upon us. During this time, everyone seems to be a little bit nicer, more caring, and all around more joyful. We look forward to spending time with our families and seeing the happiness in our children’s eyes as they experience the holiday magic. But to arrive at this magical place, […]

Your Ketogenic Full Course Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving is and will always be one of my favorite holidays. A time for family and friends to come together and share laughter and reflect on the past year. For those of us eating low carb/ketogenic, the upcoming holidays don’t have to mean that our diets will be sabotaged by carbohydrate-laden foods. Often, my patients […]

Why Bone Broth is Essential for Immune Health

I frequently ask my patients on their first appointment if they’ve ever made or had bone broth before? Through words, I cannot describe the look on their faces and display of utter disgust that follows. With a chuckle, I give them the warm, healing, soothing description of what it is and how it is meant […]

healthy tailgating recipes

The Ketogenic Touchdown: Healthy Tailgating Recipes

I am a lover of football. Who doesn’t love seeing burly men run over each other, showing their dominance and fancy foot work, making big hits, leaping catches, and listening to the roar of the stadium after a great play! GO TEAM GO! With the excitement of football season upon us, it also means more […]