Medical Weight Loss

Most weight loss programs subscribe to the “calories in – calories out” theory of weight loss—you starve yourself while exercising and your body sheds the weight.

But here’s the catch: once you are done starving, you are often more stressed, more nutritionally deficient, and more toxic than you were before. As a result, scientific studies show that you not only gain the weight back but you add five to ten pounds. Most weight loss programs don’t work because they do nothing to address the cause of weight gain in the first place.


Our medical weight loss program can fast track your medical weight loss by creating a healthy mentality, implementing lifestyle changes, and providing you with the necessary nutritional education to make your weight loss goals a reality. Losing permanent weight requires an ideal balance in diet, nutrition, toxin levels in the body, exercise and, most importantly, hormones.

For people who have been experimenting with fad diets, the Whole Body Health medical weight loss program is a permanent solution. The combination of treatments provided are exponentially more effective and permanent than any single approach. This helps our patients to achieve their goals and maintain their health.

Our Program Includes:

  • A Personal Dietary Consultant
  • Weekly Appointments
  • Weekly Weigh-Ins
  • Weekly RJL Body Composition Test
  • Weekly Vitamin Injections or Nutritional IVs
  • Personalized Diet
  • Personalized Exercise Plan
  • Behavioral Analysis
  • Blood work

Looking to lose just a few pounds? 

Our 60 Day Weight Loss Program is the perfect option for people interested in losing anywhere from 10-25 pounds. Following a similar format as our Medical Weight Loss Program, our 60 Program is designed to turn your body into a fat burning machine so excess pounds fall off naturally.

You don’t have to live an unhealthy life and suffer from chronic weight gain. Give us a call today at 330-764-3434 and let us help you.

Still not sure? Check out these testimonials from several of our patients who have lost the weight naturally and turned their health around.