Autoimmune Disease – A Growing Epidemic

leaky gut, autoimmune disease

So many people are sensitive to gluten and allergenic foods but simply don’t realize it. All they know is that they don’t feel good. As time goes on they get diagnosed with conditions like celiac disease, mood disorders, autoimmune disease, developmental disorders, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, obesity, chronic fatigue, IBS, fibromyalgia . . . I could easily go on.

Out of desperation, many of these people beg their doctor to test to see if they are gluten sensitive or have autoimmune disease. Unfortunately, most people don’t get a diagnosis until they ask their doctor to test it. But the problem with the testing is that there are 62 different peptides (protein molecules) in wheat to which you can become allergic. When doctors test for gluten sensitivity, they usually only test the most common allergenic peptide called the Alpha Glidden Peptide. If you are allergic to any of the other 61 peptides, your doctor will tell you that you are not allergic to gluten.


It’s the same for many different foods. The testing is expensive and highly inaccurate.

How Leaky Gut and Autoimmune Disease Develop

Allergenic foods, when eaten, develop into leaky gut and then autoimmune disease. Here’s how:

  1. When you eat allergenic foods, they don’t digest properly.
  2. When foods don’t digest properly, they irritate the gut.
  3. This forces the digestive system to create mucus and inflammation to try to protect itself.
  4. After the inflammation sets in, the gut lining gets damaged, and food (peptides) begin to leak into the blood.
  5. This signals for the immune system to go into CIVIL WAR mode, and it begins to attack itself and the peptides.
  6. The body confuses these peptides with the natural cells of the body. This gives you autoimmune disease.

leaky gut, autoimmune disease

This is the most common mechanism of getting sick on earth and millions and millions of people are suffering from it.

The National Institutes of Health tells us 24 million people have been diagnosed with autoimmune disease. Yet they estimate that only one out of three people with autoimmune disease is actually diagnosed, which means that there are 75 million people walking around with autoimmune disease, most undiagnosed.

This is BAD NEWS, as autoimmune disease and gluten sensitivity often develop into heart disease, cancer and a host of other conditions and diseases.

A Cellular Civil War

This is the first generation of Americans that is expected to have a shorter lifespan then their parents. Autoimmune disease is why the IQ of children is going down while developmental disorders are going up. This is why one in two people are getting cancer and 25% of people are losing their minds to dementia.

Yet even though this is the number one mechanism of getting sick in the world, most doctors have no clue. The American Autoimmune Disease Association did a survey of physicians and found only 12% of physicians felt they had adequate training about autoimmune disease, while only 4% felt comfortable diagnosing it.

Most doctors don’t get the proper diagnosis early enough because autoimmune disease begins years before we even see symptoms from eating the allergenic foods that weaken us. This period between when we start getting sensitive and when we get sick is called the Prodromal Period. This is the first stage of disease, and is the period where cells are being destroyed before symptoms even show themselves. This is the period that you just feel weak or moody after eating certain foods, but pop out of it hours or days later. If not discovered, eventually your body starts the all-out civil war with itself. Your health and wellbeing is the first casualty.

The Causes of Autoimmune Disease

How is this possible? How did we go from autoimmune diseases being almost unheard of to the most common disease state in the world? Where is this coming from?

Two sources.

  1. GMO Processed Foods. Modern-day GMO foods are unbelievably lousy for your health. Genetically modified foods create new proteins and peptides never before seen in the world. Then they coat these new peptides in insecticides like RoundUp that work by shutting down our enzyme systems’ ability to digest. Then they take these GMO foods and fortify them with more chemicals like high fructose corn syrup and food dyes. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that this ain’t normal.
  2. Vaccines. 30% of people have a gene called HLA-DR1, which is a gene that makes you very sensitive to vaccines. If you are sensitive to the vaccine, you are going to get food sensitivities, allergies, and autoimmune disease in your lifetime. As the number of mandatory vaccines continues to go up, so do the side effects. When people react to vaccines, their immune system goes wacko – often for life.


The key to fixing all of this is to find out which foods weaken you and to eliminate them from your diet. Anything short of this is palliative and is akin to performing mouth to mouth on the dead canary in the coal mine.

Here are your options:

Option 1 Expensive Testing and Procedures

Tests such as IGE skin prick testing, IGG and IGA blood tests are designed to test your immune system response. This is like checking The Army, The Navy, and The Air Force in the body. If you don’t check all three you can’t get the entire spectrum of the immune system’s response. Each test costs somewhere between $500 and $1,000.

Additionally, they have lots of false positives. I’ve had loads of people come in and show me the 35 foods they can’t eat. They feel paralyzed at mealtime, yet most of them still feel like crap.

At this point most people either go on painful and expensive allergy shots, medications FOR LIFE, or an incredibly restrictive diet.

Option 2 – Heal Yourself

We call this method of self-healing the DNA Reset, but it’s been known by lots of names throughout history. The DNA Reset is, simply put, the best way on Earth to treat allergies, autoimmune disease and poor health. Here is what it involves:

STEP 1 – Elimination Diet: This is a period of time where you get all potential allergenic foods out of your diet. This includes ALL grains, rice, refined carbohydrates, dairy, etc. Basically you eat like your ancestors and you eat meat and vegetables ONLY.

For 21 days you eat like this and watch your health. IF your health dramatically improves, you lose weight, your energy goes up and you become a happier person, THEN you know you have allergies and potentially autoimmune disease. Then, over the next two months, you slowly re-introduce the foods you eliminated, one at a time, and watch for a return of symptoms. If a symptom returns when you re-introduce a food, you know that you are allergic to that particular food.

STEP 2 – Heal the Gut: While doing the elimination diet, you will begin to rebuild and heal the gut. To aid in this process, you can take supplements to put back the digestive juices that have been lost (Stomach Juice, Liver Drainage, Digestive Enzymes and Pre & Probiotics). By healing the gut with enzymes and probiotics you can literally change how your body activates your genes so you only activate the ones that are conducive to good health.

STEP 3 – Movement: The body was intended to move. This may seem obvious, but look at how many of us sit at a computer all day, then go home, sitting in a car or public transport, and then sit in front of a TV? Most of our day is spent sitting.

Because this has become such a pillar of our modern lifestyle, studies are being done that show how sitting for eight hours a day is just as bad as smoking cigarettes!

Movement is life. Your lymphatic system, which detoxifies your body, is pumped only by movement of the body. Your muscles, and the cells within them, are your metabolism and need to be built through movement. Proper movement (a.k.a. exercise) pulls oxygen into the body, saturating your cells and keeping the DNA functioning properly.

Science has proven over and over again that you can live longer, be happier, and look better through movement. Just remember: Sitting is the new smoking.

Once you figure out what your sensitive to it’s now time to try to desensitize your body to the substance.

Think of Your Food Allergies Like This…

If you walked into your home and saw a burglar, you would not soon forget that person’s face. The burglar, in this case, was created from a sensitivity to GMO foods, especially gluten and a fired-up immune environment created by vaccines. If you ever came home and saw the burglar again, you would immediately go into emergency mode, even if this person gave up crime and had no intention of stealing from you.

This is what’s happening in your body with food. Once a food sensitivity is recognized by your immune system, the body is not going to forget it. However, the the DNA Reset can essentially wipe the memory of your body toward food allergies. It’s like turning off your immune system’s computer and rebooting it.

This is the type of stuff your doctor won’t tell you. So it begs the question: What else aren’t we being told?

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