The Breast Cancer Survival Guide, Part 4: Addition and Daily Routine

Welcome to the fourth and final part of our Breast Cancer Survival Guide.

In part one, we outlined the process of breast cancer in the body, what causes it, and why a common sense approach to the disease is critical for the breast cancer patient looking for healing.

Part two delved into everything we need to eliminate from our diets and daily routines in order to have a chance at beating breast cancer and then NOT having to go through it again.

Part three examined six things that need to be incorporated into the breast cancer patient’s diet and daily routine.

Now, part four will discuss more things that need to be added into the breast cancer patient’s regimen, as well as outline a daily routine that should be undergone every single day until the breast cancer is gone – and some of the practices that should even extend beyond.

What Needs to Be Added:

  1. Vitamin D and Sunlight
  2. Essential Fatty Acids
  3. Fulvic Minerals
  4. Juicing of Organic Vegetables
  5. Enzymes and Probiotics
  6. Fiber (in the form of fresh, ground flaxseed meal)
  7. Liver Support
  8. Iodine
  9. Vitamin C Nutrient IVs
  10. Green Tea
  11. Oxygen (deep breathing, movement, oxygen therapy)
  12. Chiropractic Therapy

#7: ADD Liver Support

liver breast cancer

All toxicity must be removed through the liver. Many people are killed by cancer not because of the cancer or chemotherapy, but from the resulting toxicity of treatments and dead cancer cells being removed from the body.

The balance of hormones and levels of toxicity in the body are guided by the health of the liver. The fact is that the liver is the hardest working, most complex, and heaviest organ in the body.

The liver is composed of intra-hepatic duct work, which are thousands of channels for drainage. It’s kind of like the plumbing system in your house, but way more complex and extensive. Normalized, free-flowing liver drainage is essential to digest fats, remove built-up cholesterol and hormones from your body, digest fat soluble vitamins, and for enzyme function. The liver makes and removes 80% of the cholesterol in the body that is converted into hormones for optimal cellular function. With over 500 known functions, the liver is absolutely essential to the body – nothing works right if the liver and bile can’t drain properly.

Are you beginning to get it? Let me put it to you in highly technical and scientific terminology: A healthy liver is really freaking important if you want to beat breast cancer.

Symptoms of Poor Liver Function and Bile Production

  • Hard potbelly with little body fat
  • Craving for fatty, fried, and sour foods
  • Caramelized spots on back of hands and throughout body
  • Joint degeneration and arthritic
  • Yellowing of the whites of the eyes
  • Morning bloodshot eyes
  • Frequent skin rashes, hives, and/or itch
  • Bouts of eczema and/or psoriasis
  • Little red dots on skin
  • Bloating after eating
  • Hemorrhoids and/or itchy anus
  • Sensitivities to perfumes/chemicals
  • Basel, migraine and/or TMJ headaches
  • Tendency for bruising, especially in the arms and legs
  • High cholesterol
  • High triglycerides
  • Varicose or spider veins
  • Urine darker and more odorous in morning and clearer throughout the day
  • Noticeable white coated tongue
  • Inflamed, stiff, or swollen fingers most prominent in the morning
  • Overheating of body, especially hot feet at night (not hot flashes)
  • Foot soles peeling
  • Tendency to have a low morning appetite or skip breakfast altogether
  • Chronic daily alcohol consumer
  • Light, colored stools
  • Digestion upset upon eating high fat or processed foods
  • Gallbladder pains and/or light-colored stools
  • Excessive burping or belching after eating
  • Acid reflux after eating fatty foods
  • Reoccurring bouts of constipation
  • Wake up between 1-3 am
  • General back stiffness and pain fading between shoulder blades to the right side
  • Indiscriminate pressure and feeling of fullness just under right rib cage
  • Roll of fat below ribs and above navel, seen mostly in women

Are you seeing some symptoms that you recognize? Most people will. It’s hard to live in toxic America and not get a backed up liver. Let these symptoms motivate you to reduce the stress on your liver and elevate you to a happier life.

The overconsumption of sugar, processed foods, cheap vegetable oils and alcohol are the number one cause of liver congestion. Every cancer patient suffers from insufficient liver drainage. Even a small decrease in drainage over time will increase the likelihood of cancer. When liver health decreases, eventually sludge forms, and finally stones. Most people have hundreds, even thousands of these thick sludge-like pebbles in their liver and gallbladder blocking bile drainage.

I vividly remember examining a liver packed with stones in graduate-level anatomy class. They were literally tiny hard rocks. The stones were plugs for all intents and purposes, blocking all possible liver drainage. It wasn’t hard to figure out why this particular human corpse was lying in front of me for dissection.

Optimal liver function is crucial for a number of reasons:

  • It processes sugar that you eat, converting it to usable energy
  • It converts the thyroid hormone from inactive to active form
  • It creates bile for fat digestion
  • It removes hormones from the body – especially estrogen
  • It detoxifies toxins and poisons from the body, including sugar
  • It reduces free-radical damage and inflammation
  • It has strong anti-mutagenic (cancer) properties

Three Ways to Keep the Liver Clear While Fighting Breast Cancer

1.) Supplements – Every day, consume supplements that support liver drainage and overall health. There are plenty of them on the market – work to find a reputable company and take the suggested level daily.

In my office we use a product called called Liver/GB Drainage. Some people prefer to consume raw liver. This can be done by cutting an organic, healthy liver into tablet-sized pieces, placing it on a baking sheet and freezing. They can be put into gelatin capsules for later consumption.

2.) Coffee Enemas – Do coffee enemas as often as needed. These are critical if undergoing chemotherapy or having symptoms of increased toxicity. Please read the article written on coffee enemas for directions >

3.) Liver Flush – The old sludge and stones need to be flushed out of the liver. As gross as it sounds, flushing out accumulated sludge, cholesterol, bile, and stones from your liver is a necessity if you want to achieve vibrant health. The best information you can find on the liver flush is in the book The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush by Andreas Moritz.

Depending on the severity of the case, it can take up to six months of eating right, consuming liver drainage supplements and foods, and monthly liver flushes for full liver function to return (sometimes longer). Once the blockages are gone, the liver (thank goodness) has the ability to heal and miraculously regenerate. It’s regenerative qualities are substantially greater than any other organ in the body. This is a testament to the importance of a healthy liver – our body innately knows this. Once liver health is improved, your body can process the necessary diet high in fat for true whole body health. You’ll become a fat burnin’ machine, baby!

Liver Flush Directions

One Week Before Flush Starts

  1. For 5 days prior, take 2-3 tablespoons per day of organic apple cider vinegar. The acid helps thin the stones. If you can’t handle the sugar, or this upsets your digestion, go to the store and buy malic acid supplements to help thin the bile.
  2. Perform a coffee enema daily for 2-3 days before the liver flush

On Day of Flush

  1. On day of flush, after lunch, place 4 tablespoons of Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) dissolved in 3 cups of warm mineral water. Once dissolved, put it in the fridge. (The taste is not nice – drink it anyways. It can be followed by a little citrus juice if needed (freshly squeezed if possible))
  2. Four hours after lunch, take a 1-quart coffee enema with one-fourth (1/4) cup of Epsom salt dissolved in it. This should be retained for 15 minutes and expelled.
  3. Five hours after lunch (5pm) take 1 cup of Epsom salt water, dissolved as previously explained.
  4. Eight hours after lunch (8pm), take another cup of Epsom salt water.
  5. At bedtime (10pm) take one-half (1/2) cup of unrefined olive oil mixed with (1/2) cup fresh squeezed orange, grapefruit, or lemon juice. Put in in a jar and shake it to mix the juice and oil together (this will make it much easier to drink).
  6. Immediately upon drinking the oil, go to bed and lie on your right side with the right knee pulled up toward the chest for 30 minutes. This encourages the oil to drain from the stomach, helping contents of the gallbladder and/or liver to move into the small intestine.
  7. If one feels quite ill during the night, another strong coffee enema with one-fourth (1/4) cup of Epsom salt dissolved in it may be taken.
  8. If there is a strong feeling of nausea the following morning, one should try to remain in bed until it subsides somewhat. Vomiting should not be forced.

Next Day

  1. Upon rising, take another strong coffee enema
  2. Drink the last cup of Epsom salt water

#8: ADD Iodine

iodine breast cancer

“If you don’t know where, what, and why, prescribe ye then K and I.”
– Dr. Albert Szent Gyorge (Nobel Laureate for discovering vitamin C)

Iodine is the basis of almost all other minerals. Every cell needs it to regulate its metabolism – it’s literally the gas pedal of the cell. Iodine regulates the body’s metabolism and is needed for weight loss. A whopping 90% of dietary intake of iodine is sequestered to the thyroid gland and the breast tissue. However, other tissues concentrate iodine as well, including the salivary glands, gastric mucosa, and ovaries. Studies have shown that cultures who have a higher rate of iodine consumption have decreased rates of obesity and cancer, especially breast cancer. A majority of Americans have insufficient iodine concentration in these tissues, leading to the dysfunction.

Iodine is a mineral that is found only in the oceans and the soil that surrounds the oceans. So if we don’t live near an ocean or routinely eat wild seafood or kelp, we are almost certain to become deficient.

Iodine is found in:

  • Seafood – oysters, cod, mussels, wild fish
  • Coconut
  • Black strap molasses
  • Food grown near the ocean
  • Pastured butter from cows found near the sea
  • Breast milk of mothers who live near the sea

Low iodine leads to low thyroid function, which is strongly associated with a decrease in cellular repair and increased rates of breast cancer.1 The reason for this is that iodine alters the gene expression of breast tissue and can literally turn off genes that promote cancer and create cellular apoptosis and destruction of cancerous breast tissue.2

Iodine regulates:

  • Temperature
  • Metabolic Rate
  • Heart Function
  • Brain and physical maturation
  • Digestive function
  • Muscle Control
  • Bone Maintenance

The U.S. government realized the importance of iodine 100 years ago when a large number of people were getting goiters from iodine deficiencies, and in the 1920s mandated the addition of iodine to salt. It also became known that sufficient levels of iodine were necessary for thyroid function. Without it the thyroid cannot create and transport the necessary thyroxine from the gland to the cells that receive those thyroid hormones. However, don’t use iodized salt, as it contains lots of chemicals, anti-caking agents, and even bleach. It’s better to use natural sea salt and supplement with iodine.

Despite iodized salt, iodine deficiency is at a record high. The reason for this is certain elements that have a lighter atomic weight will displace iodine. The chief toxic substances that replace our necessary iodine are chlorine and fluoride, which is why we advised you in part two of this series to cut out city tap water. Both substances are profusely used in the nation’s municipal water systems and displace the iodine in the body. It is necessary, therefore, for the person who wants to beat breast cancer and regain their health to immediately eliminate drinking and showering in municipal tap water.

Because iodine deficiency is at an all-time high, iodine supplementation is essential. Iodine is a powerful antiseptic (anti-bacteria) – we’ve known this for centuries. All the blood in the body passes though the thyroid every 17 minutes. Germs and viruses are weakened by the iodine that is stored in the thyroid as it passes through.

Years ago, doctors would immediately prescribe iodine to anyone with thyroid issues or who demonstrated any symptoms of thyroid dysfunction. In fact, they would prescribe it to anyone for anything they didn’t understand.

The modern medical industry since then has developed synthetic substitutes such as Synthroid and Levothyroxine. As a result, the cheap and effective use of iodine was immediately abandoned for the high-priced, yet less effective, addictive substances.

All aspects of health are increased with iodine supplementation. The easiest, safest, and most effective way is to use 2% potassium iodine, also called Lugol’s iodine. Paint it on your skin in about a 2-inch square. It doesn’t really matter where you put it but I usually put in on the inner arm or abdomen under the clothes and on thin skin.

This iodine should last for at least 12 hours and ideally 24 hours before disappearing. If it lasts less than 12 hours you can be assured that your body is deficient and is greedily “sucking” the iodine up like a thirsty person drinking water. The sicker a person is or the more deficient, the faster it gets taken up.

For more details on how to test yourself at home for an iodine deficiency, check out our iodine deficiency home self-test >

On Taking Iodine Orally

Eating healthy seafood is the best way to get iodine in its most whole food source. Because this is nearly impossible for many of us, I recommend consuming iodine daily until your skin patch test is lasting a minimum of 12 hours, but ideally 24 hours.

Some doctors propose taking mega doses of potassium iodine each day, often in the range of 12-36 mg. This is about 24 times the recommended dose. Remember: When we take high-dose isolated minerals, they have a drug-like effect on the body and can create other dysfunctions. I recommend taking a much smaller dose of 2 mg per day.

Potassium iodine should be painted over the cancerous breast tissue daily. It frequently takes 6-12 months or more of supplementation to fill back up your iodine shortage. You’ll know when your iodine gas tank is filled up, as the patch will begin to stay on the tissue over 24 hours.

#9: ADD Vitamin C Nutrient IVs

On live blood microscopy you can see that right before an immune cell attacks an invader, it takes in additional vitamin C from the surrounding tissue. It’s almost as if it’s taking in a deep breath before it dives into war. If there is no vitamin C in the surrounding plasma, then the immune cell is weaker and less effective in its attack.

Doctors have known for years that vitamin C is necessary for the immune system. The problem is that vitamin C in its natural form is difficult to digest in sufficient amounts for the cancer patient to keep up with the constant immune burden.

For this reason, it’s been found through numerous studies that doing vitamin C IVs is very effective at supporting the immune system of the cancer patient and should be undergone multiple times per week. Studies since the 1970s have shown vitamin C IVs to be an effective method for fighting all cancers.3 This is for two reasons:

  1. First, vitamin C assists the immune system by giving it all the nutrients and antioxidants it needs to support it through the long cancerous battle.
  2. Secondly, when taken in high doses intravenously, vitamin C interacts with metals in the body to create hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide selectively damages the DNA of the cancer cells and shuts down their energy systems.

Dr Whitaker, a famous holistic physician, writes on his website that in animal studies, high doses of vitamin C taken intravenously decrease tumor size by 41 to 53 percent.4 Why are there not more studies on humans? Who’s going to make the money if we cure cancer with something cheap and effective?

#10: ADD Green Tea

Forty-three different studies, four randomized trials and meta-analyses found that long-term consumption of green tea may reduce risk of cancers.5 When the breast cancer patient wants something hot, skip the coffee and drink organic green tea. Coffee, after all, is best ingested via enema.

#11: ADD Oxygen and Movement

exercise breast cancer

Movement is necessary for life. Cells eat oxygen and then they poop acid. All poop is a metabolic acid and needs to be cleared out. The only way for the body to clear out the acid poop is through the lymphatic system, which is driven solely by movement. Do you want to clear out the dying cancer cells or do you want all the acid just sitting there and poisoning you?

A meta-analysis of 27 separate studies between 1950 and 2011 show that physical activity is associated with a 41-61% reduction of all cancer and mortality. It’s also been shown to improve the quality of life of cancer patients. In fact, the whole “walk for the cure” is rooted in this one activity that has been shown repeatedly to kill cancer.

Once diagnosed with breast cancer, those who increase physical activity have a 45% lower risk of death compared with women who are inactive.6

Oxygen is necessary for cell survival, and there are two primary techniques for increasing oxygen intake and removing waste: aerobic exercise and holotropic breathing.

Aerobic Exercise

Walking, feeding ourselves, dancing, hiking, kayaking and searching for sustenance is scientifically referred to as ‘aerobic’ (with oxygen) movement. It’s movement that the body undergoes using oxygen and fat. Once we get past a certain heart rate it becomes ‘anaerobic’ (without oxygen), burning sugar. Anaerobic exercise burns sugar and leaves behind lactic acid. This is typically found in high-activity sports like sprinting and heavy weight-lifting. The cancer patient wants to avoid anaerobic exercise and perform only aerobic.

This can be easily accomplished by using a heart rate monitor when you work out. The ideal heart rate range can be calculated by subtracting your age from 175 and then working out in the 10 BPM range below that. So if you are a 40 year old women (175 – 40 = 135) you should be working out in a heart rate range of 125-135 beats per minute. It doesn’t matter what type of exercise you do, just do what you enjoy.

This exercise should be performed for 30 minutes per day in the active BPM range. The cancer patient will notice as they get healthier that they will be able to go further and faster at the same heart rate range. It’s important to document improvement to inspire further exercise.

Holotropic Breathing

After exercise, holotropic breathing should be performed each day. This is a wonderful way to further oxygenate the body and remove acids from the blood stream.

To do holotropic breathing exercises, you breathe deeply and heavily with your diaphragm for an extended period of time (15-20 minutes), and then on the final breath you breathe out and hold your breath as long as you are able. When you can’t hold your breath for another second, take in as large a breath as you can and hold that as long as you are able.

This process first works to increase the oxygen in your blood, and then as you hold your breath the blood vessels and capillaries slam open. As they do this, you take another huge breath in. This is amazingly effective in releasing stored acids and inflammation from within your body. As you remove these acids, the length of time you can hold your breath will increase.

I recommend at least two rounds of this but try to work up to four rounds.

Holotropic Breathing Instructions

  • On the first round, breathe in through your nose, out through your nose for 20 repetitions.
  • Then breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth for the next 20 repetitions.
  • Then breathe in through the mouth, out through the mouth for another 20 repetitions.
  • Then breathe out and hold your breath as long as possible. Hold it until you feel like you’re going to pass out and can’t hold it another second.
  • Then take in as large a breath as you can and hold it as long as possible.
  • When you can’t hold it anymore, let it out and return to normal breathing.
  • Take a couple of repetitions to recover and then repeat.
  • On the second round, do 30 repetitions. On the third do 40, and the fourth do 50.

It’s important to time how long you can hold your breath. With each round you should be able to hold your breath longer and longer. As you heal your diaphragm, oxygenate the body and remove buildup of acids, you will be able to work up to holding the breath for longer and longer periods of time.

Studies have shown that this type of breathing naturally releases DMT in your pineal gland. This is often associated with deep meditative states, opening of the third eye and spiritual breakthroughs. After the fourth round it becomes very easy to go into a deep meditative state for a period of time. During this time, simply become aware of what you feel in your body and attempt to shut off the brain and allow your body to go into a healing state.

The healing from this breath work is remarkable and intense. Often deep emotional releases will occur. I’ve worked with grown men who have broken down in tears as they experience deep healing and life realizations. Some people visualize going back into their lives and working through traumas. It’s frequent to report the sensation of going through the birthing process. Many life coaches encourage their clients while doing the breath work to practice gratitude and visualization.

Your aerobic exercise should take 30 minutes and breathing will take approximately 30 minutes, and so you can get all your physical activity done in 1 hour.

We frequently like to make excuses why we don’t have an hour to work on our bodies, but by doing this you will literally add time to your day. As your brain and nervous system come into balance you will find yourself easily working through your to-do lists and accomplishing tasks that formerly seemed impossible. You will quickly be aware of increased energy, mental focus, feeling more centered, positive and a host of other improvements.

#12: ADD Chiropractic Therapy

chiropractic breast cancer

What is healing? Where does it come from? Have you ever really thought about this? When someone gets cancer, some recover and some don’t. Why are some of us able to heal while others are not? As one’s understanding of health increases, the natural result is to become aware of the intelligent force behind healing and, more importantly, learning how to harness that force.

There are only two opposing forces in the universe – the force of organizing intelligence and healing, and the random disorganizing and chaotic forces of disease. This intelligent force is frequently referred to as universal intelligence. It is essentially the process that allows an organism to become more organized and, through that organization, to heal. This is where the saying comes from, “The power that made the body heals the body.”

So we have to ask: How do we increase the universal intelligence of our cells to enable healing? Well, if you’ve read the entire Breast Cancer Survival Guide, you already know the answer: Remove the stressors on your body and add the things that enable universal intelligence. But there is one more thing that can substantially enable mass amounts of healing in the body.

Our bodies, like all life forms and all technology, contain an electrical system with circuitry. In your home, energy flows in from the electrical source through the circuit breaker and then to every device in your home. The energy in the body follows the exact same principle: Energy flows from the brain down our spinal cord to progressively smaller and smaller nerve branches until it reaches every cell in the body. It quite literally is the energy force behind all movement, all organ function, all life. It is the universal intelligence flowing through our nervous systems that allows our bodies to function, heal, interact with our environment, and connect with all levels of consciousness.

This occurs through millions of impulses firing every second back and forth from our environment to our brain, through our nervous system and back to our environment. This energy and communication system is what allows billions of cells to synchronize together for our system to operate and directs all levels of healing in the body. Any blockage or delay in transmission results in loss of function, weakening of the cells and eventually causing tissue damage. If a blockage remains long enough, the damaged tissue passes the tipping point of being able to regenerate.

Blockages in the flow of this universal organizing energy occur in our bodies due to past injuries sustained. A physics principle called Wolff’s Law states that changes in tissues are alway due to past mechanical and environmental changes. Because our bodies are being knocked around constantly, most people are carrying years of detrimental changes in their structure. Most of these injuries occur to our tissues or bones without damaging the flow to our nervous system. This is a fractured bone, a cut in your hand, a cold, a torn muscle from exercise, etc. The body is efficient at directing universal intelligence through the nervous system and autocorrecting the damaged cellular environment, no drugs or doctors needed. This is the miracle of healing and we all experience it daily.

Frequently, however, the injuries sustained do affect our nervous system. We sustain a head injury, get whiplash from a car accident, or hurt our spine while lifting improperly. Even the constant stress created by poor posture, sitting too long at a computer and emotional stress can injure our nervous system. These injuries are recorded within our nervous system and cause circuits to trip. This is very similar to what happens in our homes when we plug too many appliances into one circuit. Circuits trip. It’s a protective mechanism that occurs to protect the entire electrical system.

The same is true in the body. The term that has been applied to circuits tripping within our nervous system and the resulting lowered functionality is “subluxation.” A subluxation is by definition a section of our nervous system that is powered down, which is always accompanied by a misalignment in the skeletal structure and fascia housing that section of the nervous system.

Our bodies in their infinite wisdom seek to work around these injuries, but often they stack up. I once read a report that stated the average adult has sustained over 12,000 injuries. With the cumulative effect of both micro and macro injuries, we get misalignments in our structure and posture, resulting in diminished nerve flow.

With these changes, we see progressively lowered function throughout the body. Symptomatic changes usually take time to show and even more time to become diseased. All of it is from lowered transmission of universal intelligence through our bodies and the resulting lowered cellular function that occurs as a result. Disease doesn’t just show up one day. Nobody goes to bed healthy and then wakes up the next day with cancer. It takes years for cancer to grow to a size that is detectable and for an actual disease state to occur. After years of low cellular charge, low oxygen and nutrition absorption, groups of cells begin to malfunction. The lack of organizing energy eventually reaches a tipping point as a cancerous growth appears.

Most of us, when the symptoms arise, seek medication. Through a million commercials and social engineering we’ve been brainwashed to go to our doctor or pharmacy and seek man-made chemicals to block the symptoms – the symptoms that our bodies use to speak to us. We block the anxiety, the depression, the allergies, the pain – but always this leads to even more stress, more dysfunction, more disease.

When subluxations are allowed to remain for years, patterns of weakness and disease become obvious. This always expresses itself over time in our posture and our movements. This is when chronic subluxations become self-fulfilling, resulting in further subluxation and further weakening of universal intelligence. Our improper movements then create areas of stress within our structure, thus creating more subluxations.

We see this often with people as their forward-head posture continues to shift forward. A human head weighs around 15 lbs, but every inch of forward-head posture adds 10 more pounds of pressure to the spine and muscles holding it. Once the head is 4-5 inches forward, it’s constantly putting enormous weight on the spine, and with each inch the nervous system further diminishes and more symptoms arise.

The only profession that is trained to remove subluxations are chiropractors. Through targeted, scientific chiropractic adjustment, the subluxations can be removed from the body over time, restoring the body’s universal intelligence and enabling healing. To the breast cancer patient who has subluxations, there is literally no way other than chiropractic to remove the blockages. Find a chiropractor who’s heart and talent runneth over. Allow that person to remove your blockages and walk you through the process of healing.

A Day in the Life of the Breast Cancer Patient

6:00 am – Watch the sunrise (if possible). Take 4 Pre & Probiotics, 6 Digestive Enzymes, and 4 Stomach Juice.

7:00 am – Make 1-2 quarts of fresh vegetable juice and drink a glass. Then eat a pastured egg or two.

8:00 am – Take a coffee enema (if needed). Take supplements – Vitamin D, Fulvic & Humic Minerals (2-3 squirts), Fish Oils (2000mg), Iodine (1mg) orally, and paint it on the cancerous breast, Liver/GB Drainage (6) and Flaxseed fiber (2 tablespoons).

9:00  am – Go for a walk and then do breathing exercises. While breathing, tell yourself positive affirmations: “I am healed.” “I am vibrant health.”

11:00 am – Go to Whole Body Health or some other healing center and get adjusted. Then get a Vitamin C IV. Drink some organic green tea on the way.

12:00 pm – Drink another glass of juice and eat some cooked vegetables and salad with an oil and apple cider vinegar dressing.

1:00 pm – Go tanning, preferably outside, but a tanning booth is acceptable.

3:00 pm – Drink a glass of juice and some organic green tea.

5:00 pm – Eat vegetables cooked in coconut oil and drink another glass of juice. Take supplements – Vitamin D, Fulvic & Humic Minerals (2-3 squirts), Fish Oils (2000mg), Iodine (1mg) orally, and paint it on the cancerous breast, Liver/GB Drainage (6) and Flaxseed fiber (2 tablespoons).

6:30 pm – If feeling unwell, take another coffee enema.

7:30 pm – Watch the sunset (if possible).

9:00 pm – Take 4 Pre & Probiotics, 6 Digestive Enzymes, and 4 Stomach Juice.

9:30 pm – Go to bed and say a prayer of thanks for your healing. If sleep is an issue, take some melatonin tablets.

In Conclusion…

If you finished this series, then you’re one of those who is truly dedicated to beating breast cancer.

Cancer isn’t something that just strikes down unlucky people, and it’s not just the lucky ones that survive. The body never lies, and the appearance of cancer in your life means that something needs to change. Many who recover look back on their cancer and realize that they had to go through this tough learning lesson to end up in a better place. Many describe that they needed to see the darkness so they could understand the light. They needed to know cancer so they could understand and appreciate health.

My final advice for you is this…

Open your mind to new possibilities of healing – Western medicine doesn’t hold all the answers. Try to drop all predisposed paradigms and beliefs that got you sick in the first place. Rather, believe and know that you can be healed.

Completely healed.

Speak words of power over your life that you can have, do, or be anything. You have the choice to create your life. Choose the way of whole body health – no matter what anybody tells you, it IS a choice. Treat your body as a temple and eliminate anything or anyone who tears down your temple. Give your temple good organic food, healthy juices, clean water, nutrients, and send thought vibrations of love at all times though your body.

Move. Swim in the ocean, dance with friends, walk – move daily and in a way that brings you joy.

And don’t forget to breathe.

1 Smyth P. Breast Cancer Res. 2003;5(5):235-38




5 Liu J, et al. Chinese Medicine. 2008;3:12

6 Irwin et al. J Clin Oncol. 2008 Aug 20;26(24):3958-64.

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