The Deadly Dangers of EMF

Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) have been in the news a lot lately. We’re hearing they cause cancer, brain tumors, and decreases in sperm count. But how much of this is true and, if so, why are EMF’s so bad? What are they actually doing in the body that’s so destructive?

Let’s get to it.

What are Electromagnetic Frequencies?

dangers of emf radiation

EMFs have been with us since the beginning of time, and we actually need a particular band of EMF (visible light) to engage our sense of sight. EMFs are synchronized oscillations of electric and magnetic fields that can be characterized along a spectrum of radio waves, microwaves, infrared radiation, visible light, ultra-violet radiation, X-rays, and gamma rays.

Literally everybody – yes, even you – is constantly exposed to a mix of weak electric and magnetic fields, both at home and at work, from the generation and transmission of electricity and domestic appliances, to telecommunications like cell phones and AM/FM broadcasting.Even our bodies emit a small amount of electromagnetic frequency! Though EMF is invisible, it is ubiquitous and omnipresent.

However, we only start to encounter issues with EMF when we’re exposed to large quantities over an extended period of time. The negative health effects of manmade EMF exposure is startling because we haven’t developed an evolutionary response to defend against the harmful effects.

From an evolutionary standpoint, this increase in EMF exposure happened in less than an eye blink. Since the early 20th century, our exposure to man-made EMF has been steadily increasing. And in just under 50 years, our exposure has exponentially increased with the introduction of advanced technologies and, most recently, cell phones and WiFi.

How Our Bodies Respond to EMF

dangers of electromagnetic frequencies

For the first time in our evolutionary history, we have generated an entire secondary, virtual, densely complex environment – an electromagnetic soup – that essentially overlaps the human nervous system.”
– Michael Persinger, Ph.D., Neuroscientist

Our bodies are constructed with a fractal antenna inside every cell. These antennae are actually the DNA that is within all our cells. DNA’s coiled structure then picks up electromagnetic oscillations through the cell’s nucleus.

Cells pick up all frequencies throughout the natural world. Each cell is a processing computer that receives information about our surrounding environment and then, through our nervous system, responds. Remarkably, our cell’s receptors are so finely attuned, they even pick up planetary movements and cosmic energies.

Our cell’s receptors attract all EMF, much like a radio antenna captures AM/FM signals. And when they’re attracting EMF from cell phones, cell towers, microwaves, appliances, Wi-Fi, cars, high tension wires, and every single electronic and technological gadget on the planet, you can imagine this may induce some sensory overload.

Dr. Martin Blank, Ph.D. at the University of Columbia, conducted peer-reviewed research in 2010. According to Dr. Blank, “There’s no question cells react to EMFs as harmful.” His research shows that exposure to EMF radiation causes DNA strands to break, which in turn creates ‘high-stress proteins’ as a protective response from cells. The appearance of these discharged ’high-stress proteins’ is quantifiable, providing undeniable documentation on the amount and type of damage from EMF exposure.

The Inescapable Spread of Manmade EMF

dangers of emf radiation

90% of people have a mobile device in reach 100% of the time.”
– Pew Research Report (2014)

EMF is nearly impossible to escape. Every single major urban area around the globe is encased in ‘electrosmog.’ Even rural areas have not escaped manmade EMF’s proliferation.

EMF drenches us every day. According to research, the average time spent on a cell phone is 195 minutes a day (of which about 25% is for communication).2 Cell phones are constantly near our body, whether or not we use them. Wi-Fi locations are in every single business, and as of 2014, it’s in over 65% of residences.

In our kitchens, microwave ovens, electric stoves, and refrigerators all emanate EMF’s. Throughout our homes, we have leakages of ‘dirty electricity’ from outlets and wires contributing to electrosmog in our personal spaces.

In 2007, the BioInitiative Working Group released a 650-page report citing more than 2,000 studies detailing the toxic effects of EMFs from all sources. Chronic exposure to even low-level radiation (like that from cell phones), can cause a variety of cancers, impair immunity, and contribute to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, heart disease, and many other ailments.3 The follow-up report in 2012 solidified the 2007 report’s findings, and the way it’s going, the 2017 report will probably end up with the same conclusions.4

The Destructive Effects of EMF – Backed by Science

dangers of emf radiation

Even the cellular industry’s own research damns EMF.

The cell phone industry discovered that microwaves from a cell phone penetrate about two inches into an adult brain, and deeper in a child’s head because their immature skull is smaller and thinner. In fact, The Journal Epidemiology in 2008 showed that women who used cell phones heavily during pregnancy had children who were 80% more prone to hyperactivity and emotional/behavioral problems. Children who use a cell phone before the age of 7 endure the same possible fate.

I recently interviewed a naturopathic physician named Alphonzo Monzo, which is available on my website. He emphatically states that 10 years of heavy cell phone use will most likely statistically guarantee a result in cancer.

A notable study by the Swedish National Institute for Working Life links cell phone habits with brain tumors. The findings show that people who use cell phones for 2,000 cumulative hours had a 240% increase in malignant tumors on the side of the head where they usually hold the phone.

Two hours a day is considered ‘heavy use,’  so let’s break this down: If you spend two hours a day on your phone, how long will it take to get to 2,000 cumulative hours? The answer is 1,000 days . . . less than three years.

We must ask ourselves some difficult questions concerning our cell phone use: How long have you had your smart phone? How much do you use it? What is your health worth? What are you willing to do to maintain it?

Our modern world is in love with its electrical gadgets, especially our cell phones. Even many health-minded people don’t want to recognize the symptoms of electro-hypersensitivity (EHS). We all have EHS, as we’re all a bag full of cellular antennae. We each have a specific tolerance level to EMFs before our cellular environment breaks and becomes diseased.

The negative effects of EMF exposure become obvious when muscle testing people who are operating electrical devices. In my office, any time I see someone bent over, staring at their phone, I’ll walk over and muscle test their neurological function. Most of the time the person’s nervous system is diminished enough so that they become “weak” to a muscle test. Effectively, their cellularly charged strength is ‘drained’ by the EMF exposure from the cell phone, and their weak muscle response is the proof.

The documented studies of the morbid biological domino effect that occurs when excessively exposed to EMF is unnerving, especially since everybody, without exception, is at risk to it in our modern society.

Centuries ago we built walls around castles and towns in an effort to protect ourselves from invaders. While the enemy has changed forms and become invisible, we must still work to protect us and ours.

To achieve Whole Body Health, one must avoid cellular damage. Therefore, reducing EMF exposure is an absolute necessity. I’m certainly not telling people to avoid all technology, but just like sugar, it should be used more as a treat than a dietary staple.

By 2020, it is predicted that 24 Billion devices will be connected to the Internet. The vast majority will use some form of wireless for access. – Gigaom

The first, and simplest step to eliminating EMF’s harm is exposure reduction. The second step is to take proactive measures for protection.

As you’ll soon learn, it’s rather easy to shield and dissipate EMF.

How to Protect Yourself from EMF Exposure

dangers of emf radiation

(Not an accurate representation of how to protect yourself from EMF…)

#1 – Test Your Living Space

For the person who truly wants to clean up their EMF environment, the first step is to get a Gauss Meter. A Gauss Meter measures electrical fields in any space and around electronics and appliances. Most EMF health experts recommend below 1 milligauss (mG) exposure as a safe level. Ideally, it should be as close to zero as possible.

Measuring your living space can be quite revelatory. Homes with smart meters or those near high tension power lines or cell phone towers register dangerously high levels, generally multiples beyond recommended safety levels. This is akin to going through a slow-motion death by electrocution.

When measuring the strength of frequencies, and recognizing their destructive force on our health, we realize why our parents told us not to sit so close to the TV, or stand in front of the microwave while it’s on, or play under high tension power lines. Now you can add: Don’t put a cell phone to your head.

#2 – Heal Your Living Space

If electricity spikes are witnessed by Gauss Meter measurements, here are a few key measures to take:

  • Have your utility company install a low-pass filter, which substantially reduces EMF spikes from the AC magnetic fields of electrical devices. The fact is, dirty electricity flows downstream. A low-pass filter is like a dam preventing the overflow of dirty electricity into your living space.
  • If you live close to high tension power lines or a cell phone tower, special paint on walls and wire screens over windows facing the lines/tower will block a large amount of EMF.
  • Never allow utility companies to install smart meters in or around your home. These powerful EMF emitters pulse over 200 times per second and quickly deplete cellular reserves.
  • Use incandescent bulbs. Avoid LED or fluorescent bulbs.
  • Generally, don’t hover too close around electronics. If possible, use a gas dryer and oven.
  • Turn off the Wi-Fi. Would you leave your car idling in the driveway? Why would you leave the Wi-Fi on while you sleep? In fact, I believe it’s important to get rid of Wi-Fi in the house and switch to a  wired ethernet connection. It’s faster and you give your body a break from constant EMF exposure in your home.

All of this should enable a haven of extremely minimized EMF exposure in your living space and sleeping environment.

If after all this, you’re still measuring EMF spikes over 1 mG in your bedroom, get a canopy over your bed, and install EMF-blocking fabric under your mattress.

#3 – Ditch the Smart Phone

Surveys have shown that 1 in 3 people won’t get rid of cell phones regardless of how damaging they are to their health.

I suggest to the “Whole Body Health Warrior” to be one of the wise ones. Ditch the smart phone, unless it is critical to your livelihood. With each evolution of broadband, cell phones become progressively carcinogenic. In fact, the IARC (International Association of Cancer Research) recently reclassified cell phones from a Class B carcinogen to Class A. This means that cell phones are now directly linked to cancer, like uranium and cigarettes.

Phones today are now assembled with three antennas that radiate a powerfully carcinogenic concoction of EMFs. Manufacturers list the SAR (specific absorption rate) in each cell phone’s instruction manual. The higher the SAR rating, the more radiation your body absorbs. Seek out phones with low SAR ratings. SAR ratings for most phones can also be found on the Federal Communication Commission website (

My belief, and scientific research supports me, is that smart phones are as dangerous to human health as cigarettes, and they are equally addictive. Giving a young child a smart phone is, in essence, as bad as teaching them to smoke. Sure, cell phones are a socially accepted cigarette, but parents must be aware of the extreme risks posed by excessive EMF exposure.

Barring a life-threatening situation, children should simply not use a cell phone or wireless device of any type. Children are far more vulnerable to cell phone radiation than adults because of their thinner skull bones and the fact that their nervous systems are still developing.

Studies also cautioned that the danger may be even greater than what they found because cancers need a minimum of 10 years to develop. Because children today are using cell phones at an earlier age than any previous generation, their exposure will be far greater over their lifetimes.5

#4 – Don’t use Bluetooth

EMF emanating from blue tooth technology is especially harmful. Don’t buy blue tooth headsets and definitely don’t use it in your car. The car is basically a steel antenna amplifying EMF, supercharging its DNA-destructive capabilities.    Keep your phone off in your car. Just power it off before you get in and drive.

#5 – Ground Yourself

Grounding: when I first read about grounding, which in essence means touching the earth with your bare feet and skin, I was highly skeptical. But I learned that I can actually test electrical frequencies throughout my body so I decided to measure myself. As soon as my bare feet touch earth, excess EMF frequencies are immediately discharged, proving that grounding works. As a result, I spend as much time as possible barefoot.

I also ground my bed to dispel all frequencies while sleeping. I do this in two ways:

  1. I put a wire screen over my mattress (under its cover).
  2. I attached a copper wire to the screen and run it into the grounding part of an outlet. You can also run the wire out of the house and into the ground. This effectively discharges any EMFs safely, eliminating disruptions to the rest that a good night’s sleep provides.

I’ve had a variety of people in my clinic who suffered from anxiety and insomnia. Without exception, they all immediately shed years of these nagging symptoms when they took appropriate steps to reduce and protect their homes from EMF exposure, mainly focusing on creating a safe and well-protected sleeping environment.

The documented detrimental affects to EMF exposure are unfortunate and unhealthy. However, all of us can easily implement many of the listed suggestions, if not all of them.

Maximum effort to reduce EMF exposure just makes sense. It’s a significant step in achieving whole body health, guaranteeing an increase in our overall well-being.





5 2007 Bio-initiative Report

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