Detox With the Doctor Part 2: The Cleanse

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Six months ago I was at a fork in the road. My health had been deteriorating for some time and each week I felt my body become progressively weaker. I was wheezing more often, coughing  more and producing more mucus than I ever had. I was frequently in a bad mood and often slept in until 9 a.m. just to feel somewhat normal. Stress was becoming harder to manage and my bowels were struggling.  


As a physician and holistic minded person, I do try to follow a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, living in America, having friends that like to drink alcohol, and being a small business owner make living a healthy lifestyle almost impossible. I recently read that it’s less toxic to live in a foreign country and consume only pizza and beer than living in America following a healthy diet. The reason for this is there are 82,000 known chemicals in our environment here in Ohio and we live in one of the most polluted states in the country. No matter how hard you try, your elimination systems at some point are going to get backed up.

In that desperate place six months ago, at one in the morning when I couldn’t sleep, I booked a flight to a detox clinic in Costa Rica. I felt a weight lift off my chest as I envisioned this trip and I smiled. That is, until I realized I hadn’t consulted my wife or my business partner, Dr. Amanda.

And So It Begins…

Searching Google using the words “Costa Rica” and “detox,” I stumbled upon a place called PachaMama. It’s a community of like-minded individuals who are trying to heal both physically and emotionally. I knew as soon as I came to their website that this was the place for me.

On arrival, I immediately started their body cleanse program. I spent 12 hours each day at their clinic where they controlled every aspect of my healing and my day, including my diet where I was fed green smoothies and fermented beverages for the first four days. In addition to the new diet, I spent one hour in silent meditation, one hour doing yoga, and practiced deep diaphragmatic breathing all throughout the day. We also received two colon hydrotherapy sessions per day and were told to try to retain as much of the water as we could to hydrate the impactions in our bowels. 

By day two the chronic cough I’ve had completely disappeared. 

On day four we underwent a liver flush. Many of you know what this entails: Epsom salts, olive oil, and lots and lots of bowel movements. During this I had hundreds of green coagulations of bile and cholesterol come out of me—one was nearly the size of a golf ball. That was the first day that I felt a noticeable decrease in the pain in my chest—it reduced by about 40% and I found that I could take a deep breath for the first time in months.

For the next three days after that I followed a water-only fast. During this time I began to go through some serious emotional and spiritual challenges. I felt anger, resentment and a lot of the toxic emotions that I had to face. This pain crescendo peaked this last Saturday night when I felt intense pain in my body and my heart. 

In that moment of pain I made the decision to surrender to God. Surrender my life, my heart, my body—the feeling of love that came over me is almost indescribable and brought me to tears. It continues to do so every time I think about it.

I broke the fast the next morning. As of present my chest pain is completely gone and I feel like my lungs are clear.  

What’s next?

For the next 20 days I plan on consuming only vegetables and a few eggs for protein but no meat, grains, dairy, coffee, or alcohol.  I’m trying to exercise each day and spending lots of time here in the ocean and river. Costa Rica is the closest thing to heaven that I’ve ever experienced, literally teeming with beauty and wildlife.

I know that you can only love someone when you yourself are filled with love and it pours out of you. In the same vein, as a physician that touches people with healing intent, you can only give that healing when you yourself are full of health. 

I want to thank all of you for your support, love and prayers. I plan on coming back better, healthier, wiser and more full of love than when I left.

Thank you for your support,

Dr. Timothy Weeks

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