Hormones & Weight Loss, Part 1: What You Need to Know

This is the first part of a three-part series on healthy hormone function and weight loss.

In this health article, I’ll discuss why hormonal systems fail, how this causes weight gain, and how we can easily fix hormones naturally, permanently, and without relying on prescription drugs for the rest of our life.

First it’s important to understand that hormone imbalances cause a wide array of common issues, including low testosterone, low libido, low sex drive, heavy PMS, painful menopause, brain fog and weight gain.

Healthy hormone function is the cherry on top of the hot fudge sundae we call whole body health. Proper hormone function leads to a joyful life of laughter, abundant energy, clear thinking and a healthy libido. A small hormonal change can be the difference between children or infertility, endless energy or sheer exhaustion, joy or despair, a size 12 or a size 3.

We must realize that our natural state of being is happiness and a good metabolism. Look at a healthy child. Remember when you were that young – what were you like?  You were simply happy, you were probably skinny and had lots of energy. Your young and fresh hormonal system was in full effect and in complete harmony. The onslaught of stress that modern life brings hadn’t gotten to you yet.

However, inevitably stress sets in and slowly overcomes  your hormonal defenses. The result? Weight gain, fatigue, and a loss of libido.

Reigniting Hormone Function

Reigniting your hormone function is the goal of all those seeking vibrant, whole body health. This is the end game. In this three-part series on healthy hormones function and weight loss, you’re going to learn:

  1. The hormonal battle we’re all in and why most of us are losing the battle and gaining weight.
  2. Why most of us are not diagnosed properly, and why taking hormones is really just a dangerous crutch, and not the solution to fix the problem.
  3. The permanent solution to hormonal imbalance and weight loss.

The Battlefield of Your Hormonal Systems

Think of your hormonal system as a highly skilled army of samurai that comes to your aid and fights the enemy – Stress Ninjas. These hormonal samurai are equipped with an array of weapons, working as one unit in your defense, protecting you from the stressful enemy with the effort of maintaining your well-being.

Your hormonal samurai are relentless and well-trained to maintain your libido, your metabolism, your energy and your brain function. The Shogun (supreme samari leader) is your brain that controls the hormonal empire. The Shogun brain employs two brilliant generals who serve devoutly and without question: your hypothalamus and the pituitary gland. The rest of the samurai obey every command issued by your generals and fearlessly respond to all forms of stress and stimuli working to keep your system balanced.

The generals and samurai are steadfast and strong. The only way they lose the battle is if they get overwhelmed by the stress ninjas, or they don’t get their proper nutritional rations and rest.

The stress ninjas are countless and they are relentless, their methods of attack ruthless and sinister. The empire they hail from is the modern world, and they’re beginning to overwhelm even the greatest samurai hormonal responses.

Here are the tools the ninjas employ in an effort to break you down:

  • Blood Sugar Imbalances – created by too much sugar, alcohol and excessive carbohydrates in the diet.
  • Emotional Stressors – negative people, money problems, rush-hour traffic, a job you hate, fill in the rest…
  • Man-made Chemicals and Toxins – known as xenohormones, these chemicals are ubiquitous in modern society, especially in pesticides and plastics.
  • The Industrialized Food and Agricultural System – includes refined/nutritionally empty foods and GMOs, which are the basis of the poor rations for your samurai.
  • Pollution – including air pollution and fluoridated and chlorinated water.
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Lack of Proper Nutrition

If you feed junk rations to your samurai, they become weak, lazy, and uncoordinated. Their weapons become dull, and their skills drop because they become too lazy to train.

Meanwhile, the ninjas attack incessantly. They win by attrition. They disassemble your well-being one battle at a time. They slowly creep into your bloodstream, and eventually overwhelm your adrenals.  There are sugar ninjas that make you fat. Xenohormones and bad fat ninjas who pelt the Shogun brain with their favorite weapon, ninja stars dipped in depression and anxiety. The Shogun then becomes too foggy to make informed decisions. The generals lose faith in him, and in turn lose their discipline, losing control over their samurai who decline progressively into disarray, becoming ill equipped to fulfill their duty to fight the ninjas. Morale drops, and the army gets beaten badly and repeatedly until finally they give up and retreat completely.

Once your hormonal defenses are knocked down, these ninja stressors clobber your body. Your body’s hormonal samurai give up and finally leave you overweight, exhausted and depressed.

All hope is not lost though.

You can fight and get back to your rightful state of harmony and balance. You can still win the battle, you can reduce the ninja stress invaders and nutritionally nourish your hormonal samurai.

The problem is most doctors don’t know how to do this, and in fact further damage your samurai with dangerous prescriptions. We’ll discuss this further in part two.

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