Hormones & Weight Loss, Part 3: How to Actually Test Your Hormones

This is the final part of a three-part series on healthy hormone function and weight loss. Did you miss the first two parts?

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Ok, let’s review the last two blog posts.

In part one we examined the connection between hormone failure and various stressors. When the stress ninjas overwhelm our hormonal samurai, we break down. That breakdown comes in multiple forms, but usually involves lowered energy, lowered mood and weight gain.

In part two we discussed how most doctors don’t really check hormone systems accurately. When they find an imbalance they use hormones, usually synthetic, in an attempt to fill the deficiency. These hormones are devastating for longterm health and akin to a drunk musician interrupting our hormonal orchestral concert. We discussed mostly the history of Premarin, but it’s the same with all steroid hormone prescriptions. Synthyroid, Birth Control, Premarin, Progestins, Prednisone, etc. – they all carry detrimental side effects.

Even many of the doctors using bioidentical hormones aren’t seeking the true cause of why our hormones systems fail in the first place, making bioidentical hormones a fancy crutch. A crutch that, for most people, you need more and more of over time to keep up. Few ask the obvious question, “Why did my hormones fail in the first place and is there a natural solution?”

In this final part you’re going to learn how to accurately test your hormone levels to see if it’s contributing to your weight gain and symptoms. Finally I’ll reveal to you the solutions to permanent hormonal balance and weight loss.

How to Test for a Hormonal Imbalance

Testing for hormonal imbalances is actually quite easy. Let me first discuss the free tests that you can use at home and then the fancy tests we use in our office. When your hormone systems fail, a couple of things happen.

First symptoms occur: poor mood, weight gain, insomnia, increased pain, hair falling out, low immune system, etc.  These are obvious. You probably wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t have one of these.

There are some free tests on our website that I highly recommend you perform on yourself, these include Waist/Hip Ratio, Body Temperature, Raglands and the Iris Flashlight Test. You can find them all here >

Before reading further I suggest you go and perform these tests. In our office, when these tests are positive, we then use a salivary hormone panel to figure out exactly what hormones need support.

Salivary Hormone Panels

Salivary hormone panels are an involved way of testing and are a more accurate way of establishing hormonal levels.  These tests measure free hormones that represent what’s happening at the cellular level. This is an important difference from blood tests that measure total hormones at the blood level.

Checking what’s happening at the cellular level, through saliva testing, is a far more sensitive and accurate picture of what’s actually happening. I can’t tell you how many times people have come to me with their blood tests from their doctor who measured hormone levels through the blood. These tests say they are within ‘non-diseased’ range, and they are told everything is fine, despite the fact that they’re gaining weight and feel lousy. As soon as we test these same people with a saliva test, we find that they are far from being in the ideal range at the cellular level.

Additionally, testing a hormone level just once is a joke, especially for a premenopausal woman. People’s hormone levels change throughout the day, and for premenopausal women they change every day of the cycle. Just doing a blood test measures one moment in time. It’s akin to watching one minute of a three hour movie and pretending to confidently explaining the whole plot, surprise ending and all. Blood tests are also nearly useless, except when monitoring a patient’s progress who is in full-blown disease mode.

Hormones need to be measured multiple times during the course of the day. An accurate adrenal panel must measure cortisol levels four times throughout the day. A female pre-menopausal hormone panel should be used to measure levels at least 11 times throughout the cycle. This way you’re watching more of the movie, and can now more accurately relate the plot and ending.

The Solutions to Hormone Imbalance – Diet, Exercise and Glandulars

The solution to hormonal regulation is the same solution to every other problem in the body:

  • Reduce your stress
  • Quit eating sugar
  • Increase the nutrient density in your diet
  • Support your detoxification pathways

If you have a hormonal issues and you’re eating sugar, refined carbohydrates, processed oils and not exercising, you have absolutely NO chance of healing yourself.


This is the basis of healing that we talk about in our health articles every single week: Eat organic meat, vegetables and healthy fats, and move every single day in a meaningful fashion. Only once you’re doing this should you begin to supplement to fix your hormonal issues. When you do begin supplementing, start with glandulars.

Glandulars are, very simply, the hormonal glands of animals. Whether you would like to admit it or not, we are part of the food chain. Within the food chain, when omnivores (i.e. humans) kill another animal, they always eat the most prized parts of the animal first, which happen to be the organs and glands. Instinctively, all animals, including our ancestors, do this in the wild.

As an acute example, here’s a video of a bear after he’s killed a moose in an Alaskan couple’s driveway. All he eats is the heart of the moose before leaving the rest of the animal to rot.

WARNING: The content of the video is graphic. Feel free to skip if you are easily upset.

The Ancient Wisdom of Glandulars

Since the dawn of man, humans have been using glandulars as a powerful medicinal treatment to initiate healing in the hormonal system. Some of the first written records show how the ancients described their miracle-like effects with the words, “like heals like” and “as above, so below.”

This is why eating liver helps the liver.

Eating thyroid helps the thyroid.

Eating testicles . . . never mind.

The smash hollywood movie, Apocalypto’s opening scene shows this in action.

Like so much other wisdom, modern Western physicians have forgotten the old ways, brushing them off as too archaic and unscientific and replacing them with toxic patentable drugs.

The power of nature still mystifies scientist, doctor and tree hugger alike. How does a 1 mm mustard seed grow into a mustard plant as large as I am? How does a sunflower know when to flower and the birds know when to head south? The term for the magic that permeates the earth is Universal Intelligence. The earth innately knows how to function. Universal Intelligence is the inborn, natural ability to organize and function.

Glandulars, when consumed, have the innate Universal Intelligence ability to heal your organs and glands. They do so by enhancing cell membrane formation and function by delivering a multitude of factors directly to the gland’s cells. The saliva and enzymes tag these glandulars quickly after consumption and, like the post office, direct the “like” cells to that gland. This includes RNA/DNA templates, organ-specific enzymes, nuclei acids, peptide hormones, enzyme cofactors, mineral storage proteins, organic and inorganic cofactors, lipid factors and phospholipids. These are delivered directly to the organ or gland and promote healing and maintenance to the cells.

Science has long been able to prove this phenomenon by radioactively tagging glandulars. The absorbed glands light up that part of the body within two hours after oral administration.

The body’s master chemist knows exactly what and how to heal if simply given the chance.

Remember, losing weight and healing a hormonal system isn’t hard, but it takes time.

For the person seeking whole body health, eliminate as many ninja stressors as you can, eat a low-carbohydrate diet rich in nutritional density and healthy fats, exercise daily, and take male glandular or female glandular supplements.

If you’re in the greater Cleveland area, we encourage you to check out our weight loss program, watch some testimonials, and see what Whole Body Health can do for you.

If you’re not local, no worries! We also offer online consultations to those who can’t find help near by.