How to Tap Into Universal Intelligence for Self-Healing

What is healing?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Where do things like spontaneous healing come from?

When someone is injured, gets sick, or succumbs to the detrimental effects of stress, what are the mechanisms that allow them to ultimately heal? Why are some of us able to heal while others are not?

As one’s understanding of health increases, the natural result is to become aware of the intelligent force behind healing and, more importantly, learn how to harness that force.

This intelligent force is frequently referred to as universal intelligence. I’ve also heard it called the power of nature, innate healing, and spontaneous healing. It is the process that allows an organism to become more organized, and through that organization, to heal.

There are only only two opposing forces in the universe: The force of organizing intelligence and healing, and the random disorganizing and chaotic force of disease.

This organized intelligence is obvious when looking at nature. Regardless of whether you believe in the creation or evolution, the unifying theme underlying both is organization.

A foundational principle in physics is that energy tends to become more random with time. Yet somehow we find ourselves in an intelligent, organized planet and universe. Examining nature, it’s impossible to ignore the order of things:

  • Plants grow and convert photons of light from the sun into energy and oxygen.
  • Animals with organized nervous systems eat those plants and breathe the oxygen.
  • Those animals poop and eventually die and contribute back to the soil, feeding the plants.

The symmetry and intelligence of nature allows all life on earth to function.

Even looking into space we see this organization.

The earth moves in a symmetrical, organized manner around the sun. Our solar system revolves around the Milky Way and the Milky Way revolves around the universe. It’s as though all life were orchestrated in a beautiful dance. It is clear to anyone who has eyes to see that life is intelligent, as opposed to being random or chaotic.

Mimicry of Nature

When humans recreate even a small bit of the complexity of nature through technology, we celebrate it as a technological breakthrough. There are thousands of examples of this . . .

  • Our radar systems are similar to how a bat flies.
  • Planes use the same principle of lift that birds use.
  • Cameras seek to replicate the human eye.

. . . yet in every case the version we create holds a fraction of the intelligence of the version nature holds.

The most amazing feat of nature, in my opinion, is the intelligence of the human cell. Through a system of neurological and hormonal connection, each cell is able to signal surrounding cells, activate DNA, selectively take up nutrients and – like a small nuclear reactor – convert food into energy. At the same time they are able to reproduce, repair and auto-destroy themselves at the end of their life.

The technology it would take to reproduce even one human cell, yet alone 100 billion working together in seamless unity, is unimaginably complex.

We humans are obsessed with our own technological creations, yet how many of us are equally raptured by the magic that nature created around and within us.

The Intelligence that Created the World

When scientists send out messages in space searching for extraterrestrial intelligence, they do so via the language of mathematics, sending out electrical pulses in an organized format. First 1 pulse, then 2, then 3, then 5, then 8, 13, 21, etc. It is believed mathematics is the universal language that any intelligent being could understand and respond to.

1+1=2,  2+1=3,  3+2=5,  5+3=8,  8+5=13, 13+8=21, etc.

This is known as the Fibonacci Sequence and is found ubiquitously throughout nature. We see mathematic sequences everywhere in nature, in the movement of waves, in the patterns on snakes and leaves, and in the symmetry of the human face. Its very presence on earth is mathematical evidence of organized intelligence.

This is the intelligence that created the world.

Many of us – and most doctors – hold the belief that organized intelligence is something reserved for our own minds and is not found in nature. We search for cures through technology and man-made chemicals while ignoring the ultimate universal intelligence all around us. I’ve heard it said that all the computers in the world, when put together, do not have the computing ability of our own nervous system.

This universal intelligence is the body’s ability to autocorrect imbalances. This is the concept of innate healing that all holistic doctors know to be true. Even if you don’t believe in it, you have to wonder when you cut yourself how the wound mends before your very eyes. This is not just a random act, but occurs via the organizing intelligence that saturates the body.

When I first heard old-time physicians talking about universal intelligence, I dismissed it as the musings of an outdated generation. But as I’ve expanded my own understanding, I’ve realized that it is the entire force behind healing.

The Goal of Health

The food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe – all this determines our cellular environment, and our cellular environment determines our health.

Universal intelligence is the power behind it all.

Why is organic food, clean air and water better for you? Simply because they contain more intelligence then the alternative.

The entire goal of health is to increase the organized energy (universal intelligence) within our bodies. This energy is everything. Without it we have no cellular function, no metabolism, no life.

While these concepts may sound esoteric, let me come down to a measurable analogy: Each cell in our bodies is akin to a battery with a specific electrical charge. When we are fully charged, we operate at a much higher level. When our batteries are full our immune system works better and our cells are better at taking up oxygen and nutrition and in turn producing energy that our bodies can use to heal. But when we’re exposed to stressors (chemical, nutritional, emotional) and have negative thoughts and emotions, our battery gets depleted.

Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg figured out a way of measuring this battery within the human body by measuring the MV charge across our cellular membranes. He found that as cellular charge increased, so did ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is literally the energy of the cells.

Warburg found that healthy human cells ranged between 70 – 100 millivolts (MV). When our cells are stressed and drop below 60MV, we become sick and weakened. These sick cells become natural targets, and bacteria and fungus begin to appear. When the cell voltage drops below 40MV, chronic illness begins and viruses appear. Below 40, cancer, heart disease and death quickly ensue.

How do we increase the universal intelligence of our cells, and with it, their millivolt charge?

Powerful Healing

Like all life forms and all technology, our body contains an electrical system with circuitry. In your house, energy flows in from the electrical source, through the circuit breaker, and then to every device in your home.

The energy in the body follows the same principle. Energy flows from the brain down our spinal cords to progressively smaller and smaller nerve branches until it reaches every cell in the body. It is the energy force behind all movement, all organ function, all life. It is the universal intelligence flowing through our nervous systems that allows our bodies to function, heal, interact with our environment, and connect at all levels of consciousness.

This occurs through millions of impulses firing every second back and forth from our environment to our brain, through our nervous system, and back to our environment. This energy and communication system is what allows billions of cells to synchronize and directs all levels of healing in the body. Any blockage or delay in transmission results in loss of function, weakening of the cells and eventually tissue damage. If a blockage remains long enough, the damaged tissue passes the tipping point of being able to regenerate.

Blockages in the flow of this universal organizing energy occur in our bodies due to past injuries sustained. A physics principle called Wolff’s Law states that changes in tissues are alway due to past mechanical and environmental changes. Because our bodies are being knocked around constantly, most people are carrying years of detrimental changes in their structure. Most of these injuries occur to our tissues or bones without damaging the flow to our nervous system. This is a fractured bone, a cut in your hand, a cold, a torn muscle from exercise, etc. The body is efficient at directing universal intelligence through the nervous system and autocorrecting the damaged cellular environment, no drugs or doctors needed. This is the miracle of healing and we all experience it daily.

Frequently, however, the injuries sustained do affect our nervous system. We sustain a head injury, get whiplash from a car accident, or hurt our spine while lifting improperly. Even the constant stress created by poor posture, sitting too long at a computer and emotional stress can injure our nervous system. These injuries are recorded within our nervous system and cause circuits to trip. This is very similar to what happens in our homes when we plug too many appliances into one circuit. Circuits trip. It’s a protective mechanism that occurs to protect the entire electrical system.

The same is true in the body. The term that has been applied to circuits tripping within our nervous system and the resulting lowered functionality is “subluxation.” A subluxation is by definition a section of our nervous system that is powered down, which is always accompanied by a misalignment in the skeletal structure and fascia housing that section of the nervous system.

Our bodies in their infinite wisdom seek to work around these injuries, but often they stack up. I once read a report that stated the average adult has sustained over 12,000 injuries. With the cumulative effect of both micro and macro injuries, we get misalignments in our structure and posture, resulting in diminished nerve flow.

With these changes, we see progressively lowered function throughout the body. Symptomatic changes usually take time to show and even more time to become diseased. All of it is from lowered transmission of universal intelligence through our bodies and the resulting lowered cellular function that occurs as a result. Disease doesn’t just show up one day. Nobody goes to bed healthy and then wakes up the next day with cancer. It takes years for something like cancer to grow to a size that is detectable and for an actual disease state to occur. After years of low cellular charge, low oxygen and nutrition absorption, groups of cells begin to malfunction. The lack of organizing energy eventually reaches a tipping point as disease appears.

Most of us, when the symptoms arise, seek medication. Through a million commercials and social engineering we’ve been brainwashed to go to our doctor or pharmacy and seek man-made chemicals to block the symptoms – the symptoms that our bodies use to speak to us. We block the anxiety, the depression, the allergies, the pain – but always this leads to even more stress, more dysfunction, more disease.

When subluxations are allowed to remain for years, patterns of weakness and disease become obvious. This always expresses itself over time in our posture and our movements. This is when chronic subluxations become self-fulfilling, resulting in further subluxation and further weakening of universal intelligence. Our improper movements then create areas of stress within our structure, thus creating more subluxations.

We see this often with people as their forward-head posture continues to shift forward. A human head weighs around 15 lbs, but every inch of forward-head posture adds 10 more pounds of pressure to the spine and muscles holding it. Once the head is 4-5 inches forward, it’s constantly putting enormous weight on the spine, and with each inch the nervous system further diminishes and more symptoms arise.

The only profession that is trained to remove subluxations are chiropractors. Through targeted, scientific chiropractic adjustment, the subluxations can be removed from the body over time, restoring the body’s universal intelligence and enabling healing. To the person who has subluxations (i.e. all of us), there is literally no way other than chiropractic to remove the blockages. Find a chiropractor who’s heart and talent runneth over. Allow that person to remove your blockages and walk you through the process of healing.

It’s time to figure out which path are you going to choose: The path of mimicry of nature and a reliance on man-made chemicals? Or the path of universal intelligence?

The choice is yours.

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