Natural Solutions to Get Off Opioids and Painkillers


Let’s face it, pain sucks. The reason we have pain is that our bodies are completely pissed off at us. This is the simplest way our bodies know to tell us. “Get your hand off the stove,” our pain nerves tell us. 

The fact is that pain is not some weird thing that just happens—it’s there for a reason. However, it becomes confusing when we’re in pain but don’t have our hand on the stove. Where is the pain coming from and how do I get relief?

There are a LOT of people in chronic pain every day that don’t know where it’s coming from. The National Institute of Health says 40 million Americans are experiencing severe levels of pain and they’re desperate for relief. [1]  To cope with this, many Americans, unfortunately, are turning to drugs.

According to NPR, from 2007 to 2014 there has been a 3,000 percent increase in opioid pain pill use. It went from 217,000 prescriptions to about seven million from 2004 to 2014. As of 2016, it’s up to 9.4 million.[2] In fact, there are twelve states in America where there are more prescriptions for pain than there are people living in those states.

Because the chemical structure of these opioid painkillers is very similar to heroin, it’s consequently increasing heroin use and deaths in this country. Four out of five heroin addicts say that they came to the drug after using prescription painkillers[3]. These are scary statistics.

Trust me, I get wanting fast pain relief. As a chiropractor, I’ve worked with thousands of people who are in pain and desperate to get rid of it. The problem is that taking a pill to get relief, in the long run, is a really bad idea. Even the pain pills we perceive as safe come with huge risks, and the side effects can be devastating. As little as one Tylenol® causes lasting liver damage. In fact, there are more deaths each year from NSAIDS, like Tylenol®, than deaths from AIDS, and they create more than 100,000 direct hospitalizations per year.[4]  Every time we take two Aspirin we cause damage to the stomach and lose a teaspoon of blood.[5]

How to Reduce Pain Without Drugs and NSAIDS

There are three things you can do that are amazingly effective at relieving pain naturally and permanently.

#1:  Quit eating sugar and refined carbohydrates

The CDC says that seven out of ten leading causes of death are associated with inflammation[6] and pain. It’s universally understood that if you want to have less pain and inflammation, you need to eat less sugar and carbohydrates. When blood sugar is high from drinking too much soda and eating too many chips, all that sugar comes in contact with proteins and fats and creates something called Advanced Glycation End Products (AGE’s). These AGE’s bind to the cells and initiate inflammation that triggers something called NK-kB’s and activates further inflammation in the cell. 

And on it goes. The end result—inflammation and pain.

I suggest all my patients perform what’s called the DNA Reset. The DNA reset is a period of sixty days (two months) where you eliminate sugar completely from your diet in order to drain all the inflammation and stress hormones out of the body.

I recently had a patient who started the DNA Reset and told me that after only one month, her pain vanished completely and she no longer needed to take any pain medication.

#2:  Take natural pain relievers

Many times we think that just because something is natural or holistic that it must not work as well as something that’s more “mainstream.”

But the fact is that taking fish oil, which is chock full of Omega 3 fatty acids, is exceptionally effective at reducing pain. Our bodies basically go wacky when we don’t have enough Omega 3’s in our diet. Studies show when we’re low in Omega 3’s, we have increased pain, increased numbness and tingling in our extremities, mood changes and depression, dementia and an impaired immune system. 

The two types of Omega 3 essential fatty acids are EPA and DHA (Eicosapentaenoic and Docosahexaenoic Acid) and the best source is fish oils. By taking EPA/DHA Omega 3’s we can dramatically reduce the inflammation in the body and supply it with what it desperately needs so the pain can naturally disappear.

The ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3’s in the body should be 2:1. Unfortunately, most people I check are closer to a 15:1 ratio, and many people in severe pain are closer to a 40:1 ratio. 

Most people are desperately deficient in the good Omega 3 fats. To correct this, I recommend to my patients a dose of 3,000 mg of clean EPA/DHA Omega 3’s every day.

#3 – Get adjusted

Our bodies have a circuit breaker, just like our house. When a circuit goes out, a section of our body quits working properly.

In our bodies the spinal cord is the circuit breaker, and most researchers agree that back pain is mechanical in nature.

When a level of the spine goes out of place, it’s called a subluxation. When we have subluxations, sections of our body become painful. The only way to correct a subluxation is to go to a trained chiropractor and allow them to adjust the subluxation back into place.

In Conclusion

Pain has been grossly mismanaged by the medical and pharmaceutical profession. This is why so many Americans are hopelessly addicted to pain pills and powerfully dangerous drugs like opioids.

The solution is so easy. Follow the three steps above and watch your life improve rapidly.

Best wishes on your wellness,

Dr. Timothy Weeks





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