This Is Not My Body

“I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and I was aghast.  How can this be me?  I know this is not what I look like, I’m a beautiful person. I know that I’m a happy, positive person who feels love, yet this person looking me back in the mirror is
overweight, has dark circles under their eyes, looks tired and feels even more tired. What has happened to me?” 

Does this sound like you?

Unfortunately, we live in a society that is sick and ill in so many ways.  It’s not up to you, but you’re being exposed to a bombardment of chemicals unlike the entirety of human history has ever known. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, this cocktail of various poisons has left seventy percent of Americans overweight or obese, fifty percent of us persecuted by cancer, one in sixty-eight children autistic, and one third at risk for diabetes. I could go on…

To quote farmer Joel Salatin, “Folks, this ain’t normal.”

The fact is that most of us have bodies that are severely weakened and out of balance chemically and structurally. A weakened system will attract to it like a magnet unwanted fat and disease.

I will say this again for emphasis—your body holds onto fat and attracts disease when your nutrition is bad and your health is low.


If in this New Year you want to lose weight and re-attain the most valuable asset on Earth (your health), listen closely.

A weakened body must be strengthened. You cannot just reduce calories to lose weight, and there is no health to be gotten in a medication.  Your body must be healed down to its cellular function to achieve any permanent improvement in your health. Once health is achieved, weight loss is a guarantee. The follow is a list of concerns that must be addressed:

1. People who age too quickly, gain weight and feel run down are ALWAYS addicted to sugar.  When a body burns sugar for energy it ages rapidly.  The first step when trying to achieve a higher state of health is a removal of sugar from the diet.  No questions—this is a must. If you’re unable to quit sugar, enjoy the view in the mirror because it won’t improve.

2. The endocrine system, specifically the thyroid and adrenals, need to be regulated.  When people talk about the metabolism they are essentially talking about the adrenals and thyroid. When these organs become exhausted (usually from poor diet) you gain wait and age rapidly. Ninety percent of overweight people have un-diagnosed endocrine dysfunction.

3. Unfortunately all these toxins we’re exposed to have to be stored somewhere. The body, in all its wisdom, puts them in fat.  That fat adds up week after week, year after year. Before you know it your body doesn’t resemble what you know it’s supposed to look like.

If you feel like your health is failing you, if this month your health feels no better than the last, don’t you think it’s time to make a change?

Whole Body Health wants to help. As we hope this year is the best of your life, we are making a renewed commitment to helping you. Come in for a free consultation.

During this consultation, we’ll do multiple tests to determine your overall level of health and help you create a plan to get your health back. This will help us determine your level of toxicity, nutritional deficiencies and which endocrine glands are fatigued.

What are you waiting for? You have only your health to gain.

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