“Not Medically Necessary”

While we work with insurance companies, they occasionally refuse to pay for our services, saying that what we do is “not medically necessary.”

Read that again: Not. Medically. Necessary.

They will then tell us that, after reviewing our notes, they believe Whole Body Health services not only don’t help our patients, but that those services aren’t worth paying for.

The Reality of the Situation – Holistic Heals

Each week we see a few hundred patients, and each week these patients keep coming back. We’ve received hundreds upon hundreds of testimonials. Testimonials of people being freed from a slavery to medications, symptoms and myopic doctors. Our philosophy that the body can heal itself offends the paradigm of the current healthcare system. This philosophy undermines their entire business plan.

The current healthcare system is designed around diagnosis of disease. Only once you’ve received a diagnosis can you receive treatment. That diagnosis can be a completely manufactured name given by an MD and designed by a drug company. It doesn’t matter, so long as there’s an ICD10 diagnosis code.

How the Medical System Works – A Case Study

I recently had a young woman come to me with severe abdominal pain. She’d gone to her MD who gave her antibiotics. When that failed, she was given steroids. Because neither of those relieved her abdominal pain, they had absolute freedom to get their cash machine running. First, a cat scan. When that showed to be negative, she then had an ultrasound—also negative. Diagnosis—interstitial cystitis.

Sounds fancy. It’s a simple term for inflammation of the bladder. (You must understand that most diagnoses are simply a description of your current symptom, not addressing what’s actually wrong with you).

Now that the diagnosis had been given, they wanted to do a biopsy to determine 100% that she was inflamed. More searching for a disease, thinking that cutting into her won’t cause even more inflammation. Finally they decided to put her on a medication that costs around $600 per month… for life. Side note: The medication had never been tested for long-term safety and is a known carcinogen.

Not once did they ask her about diet. They never discussed the fact that she was eating the foods that actually create inflammation, the ultimate cause of her abdominal pain. There was no attempt to suggest an anti-inflammatory diet or any natural approaches to healing inflammation. They didn’t palpate her abdomen to see if she had a blocked ileocecal valve or ask if her bowels were moving daily or if she was bloated. They never considered that she had low back pain and a twisted pelvis.

And to my greater disbelief, no one looked at the other medications she was on to see if the abdominal pain was just a side effect.

All they did was search for a disease with endless tests, medications and procedures. I don’t know how many thousands of dollars have been wasted, but I guarantee her insurance company paid for it.

However, my suggestions for her to start eating real food, get off birth control, detoxify her colon and kidneys and get chiropractic adjustments are “not medically necessary.” My desire to help support her body’s innate God-given ability to heal itself before she is cut and poisoned doesn’t fit into their system of ICD10 diagnosis codes and procedures.

So even though insurance companies will sometimes refuse to pay for services that actually heal, my commitment to you, my patient, is this: I will always work to find the cause of your disease. If insurance companies don’t recognize a diagnosis of a bad diet, subluxations, and nutritional deficiency, I don’t care. I’m going to give it anyway because that is what heals.

I refuse to accept the disease-based system of diagnosis and payment that has become our culture.

In Conclusion

Recently, three separate people told me that I’m the last doctor they are ever going to go to—meaning they’ve given up on the traditional medical establishment.

People are waking up. They’re recognizing the outrageous nature of modern medicine, and they’re beginning to realize that using drugs and surgical procedures are more dangerous than the diseases they were originally designed to treat.

People are beginning to understand that most drugs don’t make you well, and they never have. They’re realizing that addressing nutrition and structure is the only way to true health.

It may not be “medically necessary,” but it’s essential to a happy and healthy life.

God Bless,
Dr. Tim Weeks

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