The 6 Causes of Weight Gain

Do you feel like day after day, month after month, year after year, your health is slowly declining? You wake up and you’re slightly more overweight, sore, and tired than you were the year before? You go on a diet to lose weight and feel better, but you can’t sustain it – you wind up feeling worse and weighing more.

As of January 2015, 69% of adults are considered overweight. I repeat: 69%. Most people who learn this fact great it with shock and confusion.

You know your diet isn’t right, but what really is a healthy diet? You know your energy isn’t as it should be, but how do you actually change that? You sense that having pain daily isn’t normal, but everyone else seems to have it, so what’s really normal? You’re on a slow train headed toward disease but you don’t know how to change it’s course.

Most people accept the aforementioned circumstances as simple truth, resigning themselves to live a subpar life because they’re too overwhelmed to tackle it on thier own.

There’s a reason people are sick and overweight, and (spoiler alert!) it has a whole lot more to do with your lifestyle than it does with your genetics.

The Reality of Our Current Weight Problem

Let’s start with weight gain.

The old “calories-in, calories-out” theory of weight loss obviously doesn’t cut it in a society where: 1.) 69% of people are overweight, 2.) there are over 100-million self-proclaimed dieters, and 3.) the weight loss industry rakes in over 20-billion dollars per year.

Compare that to 1980 when most states had an obesity rate lower than 10%. In a society where one in three people get cancer (up from one in 250 in 1975) and one in two die of heart disease, we have to look at health as a whole if we have any hope of understanding obesity.

As a physician, I believe there are fewer causes of poor health than we think. When we talk weight loss, it comes down to six factors:

  1. Hormonal Fatigue
  2. Blood Sugar Imbalance
  3. Poor Digestion
  4. Nutritional Deficiencies
  5. Bad Behavioral Habits
  6. Improper Exercise

In our clinic, we’ve developed a weight loss program that seeks to improve the entire health of the individual and their personal reasons for weight gain. Along the way, people not only lose weight and build a foundation for a sustainably healthy life, but they also improve their digestion, nutritional status, energy, blood sugar, libido . . . and the list goes on.

In short, we create an environment where healing can take place. When the body reaches a state of balance, it sheds the excess weight because it no longer needs it.

Stop Procrastinating Your Own Weight Loss

Procrastination is the robber of health. Each day we procrastinate our health worsens and the road to healing becomes longer. I encourage you to step out of the daze and make a change. Educate yourself and feel free to plug into the educational opportunities at our office. If you don’t think you can do it on your own, call us and we’ll help you.

But whatever you do, don’t wait another day to live your life they way you were meant to.

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