The Secret to Beating Fibromyalgia: 11 Whole Body Health Habits. Part 1

I’m going to let you in on a secret.

It’s the secret to my success in treating Fibromyalgia. So far, I’ve been 100% successful helping patients overcome the pain of Fibromyalgia. The reason for my success  is simple: I get my patients to change their daily health habits.

If you believe in holistic health care, it really means you believe in choosing the power of ‘lifestyle’. You understand that disease doesn’t just show up as a result of bad genetics or curses from angry gods, but rather as a result of choices made with diet and lifestyle.

When I look around, I find the successful way I treat this disease to be the exception, not the norm. The conventional method is to coddle patients by not making them change their daily habits. Many medical doctors realize that it is hard to make real change, so they take an easy yet ineffective path through pain pills, antidepressants, and steroids. Many even realize these “short cuts” add to cumulative stress load, making new symptoms come back with a vengeance.

Identifying The Cause

I recently had a 32 year old female patient visited my office with a primary complaint of weight gain. In the past year she gained 40 pounds and had no explanation for the change. The doctor she went to, before coming to me, diagnosed her with Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, anxiety and irritable bowel disease. He uniformly told her there was no cure and went on to prescribe medication to ‘alleviate’ the worst of her symptoms.

Here are the real questions her doctor should have asked:  Why is this patient sick? What happened? How can I stimulate healing?

The answer in this girls case is deceptively simple. Her health derailed due to poor personal habits.

At some point, a diet of processed foods, lack of proper exercise, nutritional deficiencies, toxicity, and stress caught up to her. Too much was, and will always be, too much. Her system broke. The prescribed drugs aren’t going to change her condition. They are actually going to made things much worse.

Thankfully she’s now in my office and she’s going to get real healthcare.

Unlearning The Lie

The word “Doctor” in Latin means “Teacher”. Today, most doctors do not teach. This is a problem. To the diabetic, they’re not educating them on what to eat and not to eat. To the heart patient, they’re not informing them about vitamins that fuel the heart or the true causes of heart disease. To the cancer patient, they’re not telling them to quit a job they hate or to stop eating sugar. To the Fibromyalgia sufferer, they’re not revealing to them the new personal habits they must develop to beat this terrible disease.

Instead, they’re shoving Metformin, Crestor, chemotherapy, steroids, antidepressants, and dozens of toxic, patented chemicals down their throats. They never mention the reason(s) they have the condition in the first place, or how to fix it. To me, this is insanity. It’s a ‘disease management’ system based on insurance, reimbursements, and symptomatic relief; not teaching the truth about healing.

The cause and solution to Fibromyalgia is actually quite simple. The body has only 2 processes that can go awry. Either you’re not getting what you need nutritionally, or you’re not eliminating the poisons properly. The rest is superfluous.

Let me explain.

We are a bag of roughly 100 trillion cells shaped like a human. These cells ‘eat’ and they ‘eliminate’. If they’re not getting enough to ‘eat’ in the form of oxygen, vitamins, minerals, fats, calories and a nerve (electric/power) supply, they don’t function properly. The mitochondria of the cells starve and they switch to an anaerobic, low oxygen, sugar burning mode. For a human being, this is inefficient function and it is why Fibromyalgia cases usually have low energy.

When mitochondria eat, they literally produce metabolic ‘poop’ that must be eliminated through our detoxification system: our livers, kidneys, lungs, bowels, lymph and skin. If we’re constantly exposing ourselves to Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s coffee, late night Taco Bell runs, and polluted air/water, we’ll eventually drown our cells in their own waste.  Our system can’t keep up with eliminating garbage from our body and we get pain.

Whether it’s starvation or autointoxication, it’s detrimental in different ways. The patient that I mentioned earlier had a combination of both. Her only chance to completely heal is by immediately engaging in massive direct action to drastically change her personal daily habits, now.

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