Two Ways to Grow Up in America

Your vitality and health can go one of two ways depending on the choices you make.

You can choose to go down the path that most Americans take, or you can choose a healthier road. After reading this post, if your road sounds like the one most Americans go though, then it’s time youstart reading this blog so we can show you how to change and get back on the road to health before it’s too late.

What Most Americans’ Lives Look Like

  • Your parents eat whatever they want when they are pregnant with you, including soda and fast food.
  • They take cheap CVS prenatal vitamins, but ignore probiotics, and fat soluble nutrients.
  • They schedule the birth and your mom gets an epidural.  The epidural leads to a C-section because it slows down the labor process; therefore, you don’t get covered in your mother’s vaginal bacteria.
  •  You get the full schedule of 49 doses of 14 Vaccines before the age of six and your parents never ask what’s in them.  You colic and cry a lot as a baby because you’re not breast fed,so your parents give you sugar and an iPad to distract you.
  • Every time you get sick they take you to the doctor who gives you an anitbiotic, which happens 3-4 times each year.
  • You eat McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King weekly and develop a taste for sugar.
  • You have diffiuclty sitting still in school because of all the sugar you eat, so you’re given ADHD medication.
  • As you get older you have no energy so you eat more sugar and begin drinking coffee.
  • You drink energy drinks during the week and beer on the weekend.
  • By 20 your bowels are no longer moving daily.
  • By 30 you’re depressed.
  • By 35 you’re in pain.
  • For each of these conditions you add more medication.
  • By 40 you’re 30 pounds overweight
  • By 50 you have high blood pressure and cholesterol – more medication.
  • By 60 you’re old, in pain, angry, depressed and 50 pounds overweight.
  • At 70 you go in a nursing home where you’ll spend the rest of your medicated, painful, depressed life.

What Life Should Look Likehappy-person

  • You’re born to a mother that has prepared herself for pregnancy and maintains a high level of nutrition and healthy fats while pregnant.
  • She gives a natural vaginal birth and breast feeds you; because of that you are imparted with her bacterial genetic code and immunity.
  • You are not vaccinated too heavily and the ones you get contain no aluminum, mercury, ammonium sulfate or formaldehyde and are spaced out and not given while your sick.
  • Your childhood is filled with activity and sports, as your parents won’t allow you to sit around and watch too much TV.
  • Your diet contains many vegetables, pasture-raised meats, fruits in season and clean water.
  • You don’t take medications or antibiotics for every headache or sniffle.
  • When you get sick your parents handle it in natural ways, and by doing so are progressively building your immune system.
  • When you reach adulthood you don’t drink too much alcohol, coffee, or smoke.
  • You eat a reasonably healthy diet and never have a problem or issue with your weight.
  • You exercise but don’t try to kill yourself or change your body into something it’s not supposed to look like.
  • You rarely get sick, have no allergies, and don’t take antidepressants or anxiety medication.
  • As you grow old your brain gets sharper and sharper and your body ages gracefully – you are a burden to no one.
  • At 90 or so your body gives out and you die quickly.

What does your life look like?

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