Walking The Shadow

In each of our lives, we bear daily witness to a battle of epic proportions. Two powerful and opposite forces are in a fight to the death. At stake is our health, our happiness, and the very earth itself. These forces go by many names, and you may recognize them as any of the following:

Light vs. Darkness
Healing vs. Disease
Creation vs. Destruction
Love vs. Hate
Positivity vs. Negativity
God vs. Satan
Right vs. Wrong

I think of the light as the sunny side of life. It’s the light of laughter, joy, love, and inner peace. You can feel it in a friend’s embrace and hear it in the laughter of a child.

Then there is the darkness, powered by a multitude of demons such as anger, disease, sadness, inadequacy and greed. These corrosive forces work together to destroy our well-being. Many of us walk in the shadow of this darkness and even allow it to take over our lives.

Have you ever thought of yourself as a victim? Have you ever decided that the problems you are experiencing are someone else’s fault? Perhaps it’s a business partner or the government that’s to blame. Perhaps your spouse or your employees are the reason you feel so poorly. You convince yourself that “they” are conspiring against you, and that you are going to get what’s yours. Maybe this shadow of greed even convinces you that you should have it all. You’ll take what’s yours and not stop until you have the boat, the mansion, and the bank account to match. That’ll show ’em. Yep, the neighbors will see, the classmates will see, they will all see.  You just wait.  Then, after you get all that, you can finally be happy.

If not greed, the darkness can manifest itself in our lives as self-pity. We all know people like this. They delight in wallowing in their own troubles. They love to examine their crap, show it their friends, and post it on Facebook.  They like to bathe in an endless ocean of misery. Victimhood is a warm and familiar cloak that can bury people alive. They are suffering hell on earth and either don’t believe there is a way out or won’t look for it.

The darkness I describe continuously competes for our attention, our wellbeing and our very soul. Most of us feel it creep up in the form of anxiety, stomach pain, or insomnia.

But this doesn’t need to be your path. On the other side of this battlefield stands the army of love, peace, and health. Christ said that he will know his soldiers because they love one another and have peace like a river. This army manifests itself in your life too. It’s that part of you that donates to the Salvation Army, shows kindness and charity to your fellow man, and chooses to be a steward of both the earth and our bodies living on it. You’ll recognize the light in others in your life. These people choose to be grateful. They may not have a car, but they thank God for their legs so they can walk. They might not have any money, but are so blessed to have friends. They might not now have their health, but they have the peace of God in their heart. They understand love and express it in their lives.

We’ve all felt this love, if even for a moment.

So what do we do?  How do we successfully navigate this battlefield and stay on the sunny side of the shadow?

First, choose to be one of the good guys and become a child of the light. Ask and allow grace and love to fill you. Decide that you want better and refuse to be ill or a victim. Allow this decision to lead to action. The steps to an enlightened and healthy life are the way of the Whole Body Health Warrior. The path is clear and available if you are simply willing to see them. Many of them are waiting to be found on this website.

The way of the Whole Body Health Warrior, like the way of love, is a narrow path. Make a choice right now if you want to follow it. Do you want to be healthy and alive, or will you allow the darkness to creep into your life?

Are you defacing your body’s temple with fast food? Are you defecating in it with alcohol and medication?  Are you allowing the zombies of fast food, prescription meds, and Monsanto products to knock you off your path?  Are you allowing greed, anger and illness to rule over you?


Are you making the choice to love and then following this choice with action? Choose to love yourself and others. Choose to eat real organic food. Choose to move and exercise daily. Choose real healthcare and nutrition. When you get knocked down, get up. When someone hurts you, forgive them. When life gives you crap, choose to compost that crap into soil. Then grow organic vegetables in it.

Wishing you the way of light and the way of Whole Body Health.

Dr. Tim Weeks

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  1. Scott & Heidi Mintz
    Scott & Heidi Mintz says:

    When ‘i’ is replaced by ‘we’, even ‘illness’ becomes ‘wellness’.

    I believe in what you do. I trust and admire you. Both Heidi and I feel safe and loved in your hands.

    BTW – Heidi is looking for her Whole Body Health Warrior Sword right now…


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