What You Need to Know About The DARK Act

This is your final chance to stop Monsanto. TODAY at 11:00 am, the DARK Act is going to be voted on. This bill will stop us from EVER knowing what’s in our food. Please call senator Brown and Portman and ask them and to vote NO.

What is the DARK Act? Read on…

How do you stop a man from drowning? Answer – Take your foot of his head.

Another way of saying this, how do you save the life of a man being poisoned? Answer – You stop poisoning him.

It should be so obvious that I shouldn’t have to even say it. Monsanto, would you please take your foot off the drowning head of our country?

Collectively, our country is drowning under the effects of processed foods and GMO’s. If you don’t believe me, look around. Do you see overweight people everywhere? Do you personally know someone right now who has cancer? Do you feel like you have a chronic health issues?

You’re probably being poisoned to death. In fact I KNOW you’re being poisoned.

Almost all of us are being poisoned by the food like substances we eat. They are empty of nutritional value and acting like an anti-nutrient literally stealing the nutrition from our body.

Let me explain this in a simple, understandable way. Lack of nutrition = poorly functioning cells = altered cellular terrain = disease.

Here’s another way of saying the same thing: Genetically Modified Food = low nutritional and mineral value = poorly functioning cells = disease.

Consider this: A British study demonstrated a decline of over 75% in vital nutrients since the 1940’s. How do you think that affects health? What do you think is responsible for this loss? Can you connect the dots?

Genetically Modified Foods are the greatest threat to human extinction on earth. It is greater than the threat of global nuclear war and climate change combined. This is not a hyperbole, it is documented scientific fact. Genetically modified foods deplete the top soil, destroy the bacteria life in the soil and produces food that has a low mineral content.

Want to know when you are consuming this zombie food that is simultaneously destroying your health and the planet at the same time?  Do you think that you should know whether you’re eating foods that God created or a scientist? Too bad.

This act was originally called “THE DARK ACT” (Deny America the Right to Know). Not surprisingly that’s not the name Congress used to title the bill.  Sponsor of the bill, Congressman Mike Pompeo named it “H.R. 1599, THE SAFE AND ACCURATE FOOD LABELING ACT (SAFE) and is making it so GM foods will never have to be labeled. It’s SAFE like a little kid playing with a loaded gun.

What this SAFE act will do is:

  • Take away jurisdiction of GMO foods away from the FDA
  • Make it almost impossible to ever know which foods are GMO and which aren’t
  • Take away legislation that many states have already enacted to label GMO foods

I personally wrote my Senator Rob Portman begging for him to have the common sense to not vote for this act.

His response: “H.R. 1599 would allow the FDA to specify labeling of GM foods IF the GM food is determined to be significantly different than its comparable marketed food”…  “IF a GM food is significantly different from its non-GM counterpart, the food label must be altered to describe this difference.”

Who’s deciding if the food is significantly different? Monsanto has promised us to self regulate themselves. This is like a criminal promising to turn them self in. All this is fancy lawyer talk for saying they will NEVER label GMO foods. Not a problem he said, everything is fine. Nothing to see here. Move along…  I’m just trying to collect campaign contributions.

Meanwhile, cancer is the leading cause of death in children, the obesity rate continues to skyrocket and we’re tipping the scale around 75% of us overweight. Our country is spending over 400 billion per year on the side effects of an altered food supply.

As America is drowning under the side effects of large corporations, our legislators are getting rich.

90% of American’s polled want GMO food to be labeled, most other industrialized nations require or have completely banned it like Russia, China, and the European Union.

Since my legislator, Rob Portman, is ignoring me, let me beg you:  STOP BUYING GMO FOODS and demand that they are labeled so you know what you’re eating. Please write your senator and beg, threaten, scream, cry, plead.  Don’t vote for the SAFE Act. Please call your senator and tell them if they vote for the SAFE act you won’t vote for them. This is the most important vote of life and our children’s lives.

Dispelling GMO Labeling Myths:

  • GMO labeling will not increase food prices
  • Voluntary labeling will not work. Companies have been allowed to make voluntary non-GMO disclosures since 2001, but consumers are more confused than ever
  • GMO crops do not feed the world. Conventional and GMO corn and soybean yields have increased at the same rate
  • GMO crops have increased herbicide applications. Widespread adoption of GMO crops has increased annual applications of glyphosate – a probable human carcinogen – from 16 million pounds to more than 280 million pounds.
  • GMO crops have led to more toxic herbicides. As weeds have become resistant to glyphosate, farmers have turned to more toxic weed killers linked to cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and reproductive problems


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