When Do We Stand Up For What’s Right In Medicine?

At what point do we begin to question the status quo? More importantly, when do we take decisive action against it?

Do we wait, like many people did in Germany before World War II, until their country was destroyed and millions of innocent people were killed? Do we only address the wrongs that personally affect our immediate comfort and happiness?

Or, like the American Indians, do we base our decisions on how they will affect the next seven generations?

There is something wrong with America today. Well, let’s be honest, a lot of things are wrong. But perhaps no wrong shines through the shit so brightly as the wrongs perpetuated by the medical establishment.

Death by Medicine

According to the article Death by Medicine, authored by several medical doctors and PhDs, more than 700,000 people are estimated to be killed by allopathic medicine each year1.

The average American is prescribed 13 medications per year.

The number of children with cancer, obesity and developmental disorders are at record levels.

When do we start to question our current approach? 

Many healthcare doctors follow the elementary method: You have a symptom? I have a drug.

Because of commercials, even children know which drug works for which symptoms. Indoctrinate ’em young, am I right? And the drugs that are advertised on these commercials tend to be the best sellers.

It begs the question: Who is the real doctor? The TV commercials? The drug companies?

This oversimplified, profit-driven approach has created a country full of sick people with chronic disease. Many Americans have become so indoctrinated by this mainstream media-fueled approach that they feel the only solution is increased levels of healthcare, drug consumption and suppression treatments.

But the TV commercials and drug companies do not have your best interest at heart. They are what’s wrong with modern medicine.

Choosing the Right Path to Health

Here are your choices when it comes to your health:

  1. You can ignore symptoms of dysfunction as they arise and hope they don’t get worse.
  2. You can suppress the symptoms of dysfunction with drugs, further increasing the stress on your body and hoping you don’t get side effects.
  3. You can learn to heal yourself.

Obviously we’re strong advocates of option number three. But the problem is the overabundance of misinformation out there: thousands of commercials, websites, and self-proclaimed health gurus have quick fixes they want to sell you.

But there is no quick fix when it comes to your health. The symptom suppression method we’ve all become so fond of is a flawed paradigm based in immense profits for a small number of people.

Instead of addressing the symptoms, we simply MUST address the CAUSE of the symptoms. And the cause of all symptoms and chronic disease is stress. The American Medical Association has stated publicly that 80% of all disease is caused by this stress.

The ONLY way to reduce this stress is with lifestyle and diet modifications.

A New System of Healthcare

So we propose a new system of healthcare, fueled not by profit but rather by common sense.

Our new system of healthcare is fueled by the knowledge that all symptoms are created by stress and removing the stress will allow the body to heal. The primary understood stressors are:

  1. Too much sugar and processed foods in the diet.
  2. Low digestive juices and the inability to break down our food.
  3. Intestinal pathogens like candida, parasites and molds.
  4. Structural imbalances and improper movement of the body.
  5. Imbalance in the fats in our diet and a deficiency of the fat soluble vitamins.
  6. Deficiencies of micronutrients like minerals and vitamins.
  7. Compromised detoxification systems.
  8. Toxic and suppressed emotions.

Once you’ve identified your individual causative stressors, then you can begin to follow an ancient formula that is proven to rapidly lower the cumulative stress in the body. This formula is called the Whole Body Health Formula.

You can go through this formula on your own for free, without ever stepping foot in a doctor’s office. By doing this, you can begin to free yourself from the tyranny of drug-based medicine and chronic disease.

Are you ready to begin? Are you ready to stand up for what’s right in medicine?


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