Living in stress is no way to live. When we’re stressed our body is in survival mode.  It means that our bodies are putting aside all the niceties of life to try to survive.
Chances are, you’re probably living in stress right now. What with the whole world pandemic and coming economic disaster.  Perhaps you are watching people around you get sick or you’re stressed about your finances or your job.  Maybe it’s all of it.
This stress is draining your body of vital energy.  In essence, you are using your future health to handle today’s problem.  It’s sort of like using up your savings account.  It’s not sustainable.
When you’re overly stressed for too long changes in the body and mind happen.  As your stress hormone (cortisol) is up too long you eventually gain weight in the belly, have your digestion weaken, and become more inflamed. As your energy lowers you slip into anxiety, depressant, and despair.
The real trap occurs when you are stuck there for too long and experience daily symptoms.  It’s different for everyone but anxiety, low energy, pain, and poor digestion are the hallmarks.
Desperate to feel a little better you do things that distract or stimulate you.  This can be tv and internet, alcohol, nicotine, sugar, porn….anything to feel better.
Each of these things pushes you a little lower, a little closer to the ultimate breaking point.  The longer you are there, the dysfunction in your body accelerates.  Then one day you’re trapped in chronic health issues and feel like you have no way out.  This has become your life.
Most of us, at this point, go to our doctor hoping to find a solution.  More times than not the doctor destroys any hope we might have of ever getting better by giving us a diagnosis and a drug.
For years now I’ve been studying people, nutrition, and healing habits.  I’ve come to the conclusion that to heal we must go through a step by step approach.
This approach simply begins by making the decision that we must heal. It comes from the belief that there is a purpose to our life that requires us to be healthy.
Then what though?  Is it a vaccination, a stimulus check, or a Xanax?
Not really….
Healing requires a functional approach that combines resetting all the systems of the body.  It requires that we reset our diet away from sugar, increases our phytonutrients in our diet, turns back on our digestion, opens up our oxygen system, and increase our lymphatic and elimination function.
In fact, I’ve identified 12 steps necessary to heal anyone from anything and I’ve identified them at the bottom of this email.  Each of these steps can be self-administered.

Before I give them to you I want to throw you a lifeline.  If you are feeling stuck, if your health feels like it’s beyond your control and you know you need help then I have a gift for you.

During this time I’ve decided to give a 12 week ONLINE functional medicine program.  This is the same program that I charged thousands for in the office.  It’s the best information that I’ve collected over years and I’d like to offer this service for free.  No catch.  I see that people are suffering and in need of a WHOLE BODY RESET and I’m going to offer myself up to be your guide light out of your own suffering.  Only together and with each other’s support can we heal.

So get ready, this rocket ship of wellness takes off May 12th.
If you are interested in joining this group please click here and fill out a form and I will personally get back to you to discuss how to start this process.
12 Week Functional Medicine Program.
  1. Make a choice to go after healing. Evaluate your health, decide what you want to accomplish, and begin to take action.
  2. Rewire your brain and your thoughts toward health.  Through specific programming, we can change the neural networks of the brain to wire the brain toward health.  This is often called the placebo but it can be hardwired.
  3. Education and Accountability.  The word doctor translates from “doce”, the Latin word for “teach”.  No program or decision to change without proper education and accountability can create long term healing.  We’re going to create accountability with this program.
  4. Voluntarily quit poisoning yourself.  This starts with eliminating refined, processed, and denatured foods.  Quitting what harms us starts with food and can spread to all aspects of our life to include other addictive substances, people, and situations that are harming us.  We are going to systematically begin to drop off the toxins that are poisoning us.
  5. We must open our body’s structure so that our nervous system, acupuncture system, and energy systems of the body can deliver universal intelligence to guide and power healing.
  6. Replace what’s been lost from living in stress.  This starts with nutrient and mineral density of food and spreads to connecting with our food, nature, people, music, laugher, and sun exposure.
  7. Heal the digestive system and seek to increase the enzyme and probiotic content of food and therefore our digestive capacity and metabolic processes. If our digestive system is already damaged or insufficient, then supplements must be taken.
  8. Open our breath and diaphragm.  All emotional traumas and periods of fight or flight are associated and recorded within the restricted breath and a decrease in vagus nerve function.
  9. Move much more each day than modern-day life requires.  This movement builds up our cells, flushes our lymph system, and strengthens our bodies.
  10. Hydrate  Drink chemical-free, structured and alive water and restructure and rehydrate the fluids in our body.
  11. Rest We need to rest our bodies. Each system requires time to recuperate.  Not only does this relate to sleep but also resting our digestive system, our nervous system, and our endocrine system. This begins with sleep but also learning to turn off our bodies through fasting and meditation so that each system can regenerate.
  12. Live your purpose  We each have a purpose that almost always involves improving the world in some way.  Once we’re healthy enough it’s essential we go make a difference so we don’t slip back into our own dysfunction.

Functional medicine an alternative approach to healing

There is a vastness between disease and cure. And this huge difference is filled with an uncountable number of theories, researches and attempts to discover the best healing approach by the medical practitioners.

Throughout the human history, diseases and illness has been the subject of fear and curiosity.
And the journey of healing this fear has already taken its turn from divine miracles to decisive science.

Marching on this path of advancement, some medical practitioners have come up with a relatively new term, which is called functional medicine. Functional medicine or treatment is a thought process of a collective few who are delving deep to find new and better ways of treating diseases.

What exactly is functional medicine?

Now breaking it up for a better understanding, functional medicine is essentially a “biology-based approach” of treatment. So in the functional medicine approach, the root cause of the disease is targeted.

The root cause of a disease can be different for every individual. Hence in the simplest terms, this can be termed as an individualised form of treatment.

How is functional medicine different from conventional medicine?

In the conventional form, the treatment depends on recognising the symptoms which an individual is experiencing and then identifying the illness. The process then is followed by finding the appropriate pharmaceutical composition for the treatment.

Whereas in the functional medicine approach the treatment targets on deciphering the root cause of the symptoms. It does not treat the symptoms alone but the issues from which they are generating.

The primary principles of functional medicine.

The questions regarding functional medicine which often comes under the spotlight are – how is it beneficial? How can it help in boosting health? Why should one consider functional medicine?

The answer lies in what can be stated as the primary principle of this approach which is the core of this approach – an individualised or personalised treatment.

● Personalised treatment plan: in this approach, all individuals are considered unique in their physiological and genetic makeup. Every individual has a distinct coping mechanism, and hence the treatment should be planned accordingly.

● Scientific: It is completely scientific in nature. This approach, in fact, can be called deeply stemmed into science. It is a holistic form of treatment which focuses on the cause and mechanism then the illness itself.

Functional medicine approach is also beneficial as it is a one on one collaboration with the doctor. It is the partnership between the patient and the practitioner. The patient here can be a part of the planning process of the treatment along with the physician.

The treatment process here does not aim to heal the symptoms and mask the cause of it. The aim here is to eliminate or decrease the existing health issues of an individual and prevent any future illness from occurring again.

Why do we need functional medicine?

If we look at the current scenario, there is a sharp rise in health concerns. The human body is projected to an unhealthy lifestyle and an immune system which is not able to fight the disease by itself.

We at Whole body Health located in Ohio are looking at functional medicine approach as an evolution. It is a patient-centric model where the practitioners don’t follow the same pattern for treatment. They try to find factors which might affect the patient rather than conducting multiple tests and prescribing medicines which might or might not cure the disease.

Functional medicine is the effort to fill the gap between the research and methodology of practice in dealing with complex factors and mapping out the landscape for the elimination of chronic disease like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, mental illness, and even autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis.

Let’s sum it up with this question, do we want a partial recovery or should we prefer an inclusive approach, which seeks to trace the root cause of the disease. To restore balance and health.