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Benefits of Functional Medicine

Taking proper care of your health and wellbeing with proper diet and nutrition reduces the risk of building up certain conditions. In our previous blog, we already talked about an alternative approach to healing that is the functional medicine approach. You may have come across this situation where you go to specialized doctors with certain […]


Living in stress is no way to live. When we’re stressed our body is in survival mode.  It means that our bodies are putting aside all the niceties of life to try to survive. Chances are, you’re probably living in stress right now. What with the whole world pandemic and coming economic disaster.  Perhaps you are watching […]

Functional medicine an alternative approach to healing

There is a vastness between disease and cure. And this huge difference is filled with an uncountable number of theories, researches and attempts to discover the best healing approach by the medical practitioners. Throughout the human history, diseases and illness has been the subject of fear and curiosity. And the journey of healing this fear […]

The Ultimate Guide To Athletes and Concussion

The world concussion is kind of like the word heroin. It’s this horrible thing that’s happening everywhere in our culture. We hear about it affecting many people but we have no idea what to do about it. Now there is a solution! It means weeks off from playing a favorite sport, let alone reflex, speech, […]

Learn All About Nutrition for Concussions (TBI) & Headaches

Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of brain health after a concussion.  Knowing this, and interacting with the necessary foods can have a positive impact on your recovery, however many people have no idea what healthy nutrition is for normal health let alone healthy nutrition during a concussion/TBI recovery period. At Whole Body Health, […]

Inviting People to the Retreat

WHOLE BODY RESET with Dr. Tim Weeks, Tanmaya, and Gaya The Prana Clinic is thrilled to present a brand new wellness program, collaborating with the brilliant Dr. Tim Weeks – holistic physician, nutrition expert, and chiropractor. The program combines several cutting-edge tools to offer a wholesome experience that deeply resets the body, the ‘fuel’ it’s driving […]


Unless you have an accident, this is the life you (if you are a human being reading these words) were pre-programmed to enjoy: You were carried in the womb and born naturally through the vaginal canal to a healthy, loving mother who has all the necessary reserves and ingredients to create a healthy, happy child. […]