Athletes and Concussion


The world concussion is kind of like the word heroin. It’s this horrible thing that’s happening everywhere
in our culture. We hear about it affecting many people but we have no idea what to do about it. Now
there is a solution!
It means weeks off from playing a favorite sport, let alone reflex, speech, muscle coordination, memory,
balance and confusion issues all affecting the individual. The medical definition of a concussion is a
clinical syndrome characterized by immediate and transient alteration in brain function, including
alteration of mental status and level of consciousness, resulting from mechanical force or trauma. It is
estimated that there are more than 300,000 sports related concussions each year in the United States
and that the possibility of having a concussion is around 19% each year of play. The statistics are
especially high in sports like football, where it is estimated 34% of athletes have had one concussion and
20% multiple concussions. Adding to this is the fact that there is a 3 to 6 times higher chance of a player
having a concussion if they have already suffered from a previous concussion. Research is showing that
the incidence of suffering from a concussion while playing soccer is roughly equal to that incidence
playing football with other sports like lacrosse, baseball, basketball and hockey still having significant
risks as well.
Concussion symptoms may not be visibly seen in standard neurological examinations, but consists of: an
inability to keep a coherent focus or thought stream, an inability to perform a series of specific
movements, dizziness, vision disturbances, sensitivity to light, persisting headaches, nausea or vomiting,
balance issues, ringing in the ears, confusion and loss of taste or smell to name a few. Due to the nature
of the injury to the brain, concussions are a very serious issue and thus are being treated that way. All
major sporting organizations from professional all the way to youth sports are now focusing on ways to
prevent, assess and manage concussion injuries, with the primary mode of treatment being rest away
from electronic devices. The mechanism of injury with a concussion creates a trauma to the skull and
brain, leading to inflammation and pressure building on the blood supply and brain inside the skull. This
not only disrupts blood supply to the brain, but also affects cerebrospinal fluid drainage and
recirculation throughout the entire canal around the spinal cord. Many times, following a concussion
injury, upon examination the bones of the skull (cranial bones) are found to be fixated and out of their
proper interlocking positions.
Here at Whole Body Health, we have a state-of-the-art protocol for helping the body heal and recover
from the effects of a concussion injury and allowing the athlete to return to their sport. This protocol
utilizes a multifaceted approach ranging from specific endonasal cranial adjusting, specialized
supplemental nutrition to aid in traumatic injury healing and functional medicine techniques involving
specific frequency generating and laser technology focusing on traumatic brain injury healing. The
combination of these services not only supply the body with specific nutrients to promote healing, but
also drastically reduce inflammation and allow for proper movement patterns within the skull and spinal
column to remove pressure from the brain, brain stem and spinal cord.
If you have been diagnosed with a concussion recently or in the past, these symptoms can linger on until
specific structural changes and healing occur. Call today to schedule an appointment to see if you can
benefit from this state-of-the-art treatment protocol!




Unless you have an accident, this is the life you (if you are a human being reading these words) were pre-programmed to enjoy:

You were carried in the womb and born naturally through the vaginal canal to a healthy, loving mother who has all the necessary reserves and ingredients to create a healthy, happy child.

The requirements for rapid cell division in the womb such as nutrients, minerals, enzymes, fat-soluble vitamins, clean air, and water were present in ample amounts.  She has plenty of fats, vitamins, and minerals to provide a strong skeletal structure and a full, highly functional brain for you.

After about 9 months of full development the wondrous, awe-inspiring, joyful event of your birth occurs, naturally.  Your father is present at the birth, and his invaluable love and support bring strength to your mother creating a sense of peace during this crucial event.  As your birth begins, the cranial bones of your skull compress, so you may go through the birth canal.

Your journey through the birth canal coats you in your mother’s bacteria.  This first encounter with bacteria essentially creates the seeds of a healthy immune and nervous system.  You come out into the world, and the shock of leaving the loving warmth of your home inside your mother makes you cry.

This painful cry initiates your first breath, and opens your cranial bones and aligns the fascia of your body.  This is a major step towards a pain-free life.  Your father cries with joy, and can’t wait to hold you, but first, your mother cradles you, washes you, creating the all-important maternal bond.
This initial connection to your mother affirms that you are safe, and enveloped in love.  Maybe your first thought is, “Eh, not as good as her womb, but this goddess loves me, so, well enough.”  Your father holds you soon after, and you feel even more strength and security.  Your second thought might be, “This man is rough, feels strange compared to the maternal goddess.  Though he’s about 90% of her love, the other 10% is strength and authority.  He will protect me.  I respect and honor him.”

Up to your first 4 years, but at least 1, your mother breast feeds you.  Innately, you know her milk is perfectly designed.  It’s fully absorbable and takes no energy to digest.  Mother’s milk boosts your immune system with an incredible amount of enzymes and bacteria, providing you with a disease-free childhood; full of life-giving fats, minerals and nutrients everything is provided for perfect cellular division, thus you are growing bigger, and better every day.

Your digestive systems activate.  So you eat the animals and plants all around you that are converting the suns energy into usable nutrient and minerals.  Your childhood is free from major sickness and full of activity, sports, and laughter.  You are encouraged and loved by your parents.  They provide comfort and security.  You learn and are taught by them, and your strong community.

In childhood, you comprehend that you have amazing potential as an adult in life.  You develop beautiful straight teeth and a wide palate to hold them all.  You have no idea what a cavity is, and if you hear the word, you might think it’s a cave nearby to explore.  Your brain develops as you work out problems with imagination and the creative side of you is nurtured.  Your body and its cells perfectly utilize oxygen and the plentiful nutrients and minerals surrounding you, as you grow into healthy and functioning adulthood.

Your good cellular health provides tons of natural energy providing you a life full of motion as you constantly run, jump, swim, etc.  You’re fit, not small or large but perfectly proportionate according to the DNA your parents provided you.  Your posture is naturally straight.  Your skeletal system, brain, skin develop fulfilling your genetic potential.

No medication is ever necessary.

Your life emanates health and joy.  Kindness and love easily flow from you.  The opposite sex is attracted to your grace and energy.  You develop a healthy spirituality realizing the deep connection of your human relationships and imbued with a deep respect for the planets incredibly complex ecosystem.

You engage in a partner, and you become a loving, and fertile couple.  Sex is joyful and amazing.  Since your partner is probably as equally healthy as you, contraception is in congruence with the monthly cycles.  When you decide to reproduce, it is easy and without complication.

Your family life accomplishes the objects of your desire and cultivated will because you are strong, intelligent and fully capable at problem-solving.

You eat real food and never develop a taste for sugar, coffee, or junk food.  You don’t need excess medications, alcohol, or artificial ways of feeling good.

You get high on life.  Because of this, you get the best jobs, or better yet, create your own work and schedule, and make all the money you need and are generous and loving to others.

You rarely get sick, if ever.  You have little to no anxiety or depression though you cycle through normal human emotions.  Mostly, you’re just happy.

As you get older, your brain only grows sharper with wisdom and your body ages gracefully. You burden no one.  Actually, your friends and children argue over who gets to live with you as you are a joy to be around.  At 90-100 years of age, your body is pre-programmed to die quickly without pain.   You lived the life of what I call a golden god.  This is the life that is our birthright.


You might not want to the article that will be coming next week – A Zombie Life as it might hit home with too many of us…