Whole Body Health

What is Whole Body Health?

Whole Body Health is a fully integrated medical and holistic health practice. With our state-of-the-art clinic in Medina, Ohio, coupled with our online functional medicine program, there’s nobody in the country we can’t help achieve vibrant whole body health.

Let’s maximize your potential and help you achieve vibrant, whole body health!

The Truth About Health


The vast majority of humans are living in a constant state of stress. The fight or flight reaction that we find ourselves in becomes addictive and destructive. Emotional Stress, Chemical Stress, Physical stress overwhelm our bodies. This is literally the cause of all human disease.

When over stimulated our nervous system relays a message to the hypothalamus in the brain to produce and release a chemical called corticotrophin (CRH) to handle the stressor. CRH travels to the pituitary gland, which produces the adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACTH). ACTH in turn goes to the adrenal glands, which produce a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is the master stress hormone influencing every tissue in the body.

This system is referred to as the HPA axis (hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal axis). It is, essentially, the processing system of stress response for the entire body. In other words, this is our “survival instinct.”

Chronic stress instigates a cascade of effects. It causes our breath to shallow, our digestives systems to shut down, our endocrine system to tire. Our bodies begin to burn sugar and create chronic inflammation which all lead to disease.

Only by resetting our body systems can we pull out of stress. To heal and regain our lives we need to go through a series of steps to reset each system. By combining cures together in a systematic way we can heal body and mind.


Make a choice to go after healing. This begin with having a purpose for your life, a purpose that was put on your heart by God. Many of us are hoping for healing and improvement in our lives, but it starts the moment we begin to take action. Each journey begins with a single step.


Once you have a purpose, we need rewire our brain toward health.  If you have been sick for a long time or received a diagnosis, most likely you have a brain that is wired for sickness.  This needs to be reset.  Our point of view creates our reality.  When we are stuck in our negative beliefs, our reality become rigid and we become bound to our attachments of illness. Fortunately the opposite is true. In religion we call this faith or consciousness, in medicine we call this placebo or trained neuroplasticity, in modern science we call it the quantum physics. It is said to be the most powerful tool in medicine and religion.  There are many tools to accomplish this including meditation, various plant medicines, prayer and through redirection.


The word doctor translates from “doce”, the Latin word for “teach”.  No program or decision to change without proper education and accountability can create long term healing.  Everyone from professional athletes, CEO’s,  to average people needs to be guided through change by someone who can teach and then help monitor that change.


This starts with eliminating refined, processed and denatured foods.  Quitting what harms us starts with food and can spread to all aspects of our life to include other addictive substance, people and situations that are harming us.  Most addictions begin with sugar instabilities so we work to stabilize blood sugar.


Open our bodies structure and fascia so that our nervous system, acupuncture system and energy systems of the body can deliver universal intelligence to guide and power healing.  All injuries (physical, chemical and emotional) result in our bodies structure tightening.  Once the body tightens then the electrical energy that runs our bodies cannot function.  This is very akin to having circuits in your house go out.  These circuity must be open for the body to be able to heal.


This starts with nutrient and mineral density of food and spreads to connecting with with our food, nature, people, music, laugher and sun exposure.  At Whole Body Health we recognize that there is not enough nutrition, minerals or enzymes in modern day food for us to thrive.  By testing and then resetting nutrition to optimal levels we can begin to replace what’s been lost from living in stress for too long.


When we live in stress, age and eat food that is not vital we damage our digestive systems.  This results in gas, poor digestion, lowered immunity, autoimmune disease, allergies, etc.  To health this we must seek to increase the enzyme and probiotic content of food and therefore our digestive capacity and metabolic processes. If our digestive system is already damaged or insufficient, then supplements must be taken.


All emotional traumas and periods of fight or flight are recorded within restricted breath and a decrease in vagus nerve function.  Most people are held in continuous fight or flight because they are breathing improperly.  By learning to open the breath and diaphragm we can reactive the vagus nerve and re-oxygenate the body.


Movement is required to build up muscles, our metabolic system, our lymphatic system and our skeletal system.  With proper movement (both quantity and quality) we can resist the aging process.  Our ancestors spent hours each day in movement. Modern day man only moves 2-5 hours per week. By moving little our bodies become deficient in oxygen and are therefore unable to burn fuel properly.


We are 70% water.  Most of that water is in a structured form on the inside of our cells.  As we live in stress and drink the wrong type of water or not enough out bodies are losing water from inside the cells.  This “dehydration” process is the the process of dying. By proper hydration drinking chemical free, structured and alive water we can rehydrate the inside of our cells and regain our vitality.


We need to rest our bodies.  Each system requires time to recuperate.  Not only does this relate to sleep but also resting our digestive system, our nervous system and our endocrine system.  This begins with sleep but also learning to turn off our our bodies through fasting and meditation so that each system can regenerate.