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Winterize Your Body with this Super-Human Vitamin

What if I told you that there is a vitamin out there that could fight off depression?1 Or how about one that could reduce the risk of autism?2 What

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How to Avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder

Let’s face it, all life comes from the sun. The sun, our galaxy's special star, is a mega-giant nuclear reactor burning hydrogen and gasses to creat

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Why Our Patients Lose Weight and Feel Great During the Holidays

Typically when you are on a diet, it's customary to incorporate a “cheat day”, especially around the holidays. You allow yourself to binge on food

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Holistic Healthcare & Functional Medicine

What is Whole Body Health?

Whole Body Health is a fully integrated medical and holistic health practice. With our state-of-the-art clinic in Medina, Ohio, coupled with our online functional medicine program, there’s nobody in the country we can’t help achieve vibrant whole body health.

Let’s maximize your potential and help you achieve vibrant, whole body health!