The Breast Cancer Survival Guide, Part 2: Elimination

The first step to surviving breast cancer is to alleviate the stress on the body. Stress comes in a variety of forms, including emotional, chemical, nutritional and physical. In part two of the Breast Cancer Survival Guide, we’re going to go in depth into each primary stressor that should be removed. What Needs to Be Removed: […]

The Breast Cancer Survival Guide, Part 1: Common Sense

Breast Cancer is, simply put, devastating. As it currently stands, one in eight women in the U.S. will develop invasive breast cancer in their lifetime. It’s estimated that this year alone, over 250,000 people will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and almost all of us know at least one person who has had to go through […]

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Autoimmune Disease – A Growing Epidemic

So many people are sensitive to gluten and allergenic foods but simply don’t realize it. All they know is that they don’t feel good. As time goes on they get diagnosed with conditions like celiac disease, mood disorders, autoimmune disease, developmental disorders, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, obesity, chronic fatigue, IBS, fibromyalgia . . . I could easily […]

The Incredible (not-so-edible) Coffee Enema

Fifteen years ago I was sitting at a seminar on cures to cancer and toxicity when I heard the instructor say, “You’re better off sticking coffee up your ass than drinking it.” What?! Did I hear that right? The instructor went on to say that a high-retention coffee enema is one of the best known […]

Why Bone Broth is Essential for Immune Health

I frequently ask my patients on their first appointment if they’ve ever made or had bone broth before? Through words, I cannot describe the look on their faces and display of utter disgust that follows. With a chuckle, I give them the warm, healing, soothing description of what it is and how it is meant […]

Beauty Begins in the Gut

The environment inside a healthy gut is miraculous. Your cells interact with friendly bacterial cells to form a living, breathing, energy-making ecosystem. The ecosystem inside a healthy gut is like a paradise, and paradise makes for a healthy person inside and out. Unfortunately, the ecosystem inside an unhealthy gut can be something more akin to […]

Shit for Brains – The Gut-Brain Connection

So it turns out the phrase “shit for brains” is actually an accurate scientific description of many people. Surprised? Probably not. But all joking aside… In recent decades scientists have compiled an enormous amount of evidence that proves your gut function directs the functioning of your entire central nervous system, including your brain. This bi-directional gut-brain […]

Inflammation, Pain and Disease: A Patient’s Journey Back to Health

The words Inflammation, Pain, Chronic Stress, and Disease can almost be used interchangeably. Chronic stress leads to chronic inflammation and pain. Chronic inflammation leads to all chronic disease. Therefore, chronic stress is the cause of all chronic disease. But what is chronic stress? Let’s explore this concept through a patient we’ll call John. Defining Allostatic […]

Ancestral Keys: The Ancient 7-Step Formula for Achieving Whole Body Health

With all the medical technology surrounding us, it can be far too easy to forget about the fundamentals of health. We look at all the innovations and leaps forward and think to ourselves, “A cure for cancer is right around the corner!” We do, after all, love our excuses. And the idea that our health […]

Gluten, Gluten Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink

Last week I was walking through the grocery store I frequent, looking around at the various food choices. I was amazed at the sheer amount of packaged items stating “gluten-free”—even on the sausages and can of nuts I was buying. Of course it’s gluten-free! As far as I know, neither sausages nor nuts have ever […]