4 Reasons to Never Use Plastic Again

Plastic is the perfect representation of our modern lives—it shows up everywhere. It’s wrapped around our food, it’s in our phones, our cars, sunglasses, children’s toys, pens . . . everything. We use it daily, not really considering where it came from, how it affects our lives, or where it goes after we’re finished with it. […]

Death By Household Cleaners

Winter is finally over, so say hello to what hopes to be a promising summer full of sunshine and warm weather. Time to wipe down the walls and scrub the floors, refreshing the air we breathe. But wait… did you know those household cleaners contain toxic chemicals that could lead to serious health concerns including asthma, […]

Hormones & Weight Loss, Part 3: How to Actually Test Your Hormones

This is the final part of a three-part series on healthy hormone function and weight loss. Did you miss the first two parts? Read Part 1 here > Read Part 2 here > Ok, let’s review the last two blog posts. In part one we examined the connection between hormone failure and various stressors. When the […]

Hormones & Weight Loss, Part 2: Dangerous Pharmaceutical Hormones

This is the second part of a three-part series on healthy hormone function and weight loss. Did you miss part one? Read it here > I’ve found that most people who experience hormonal issues and weight gain run the course of the medical system before they finally end up in our holistic health practice. Many […]

Hormones & Weight Loss, Part 1: What You Need to Know

This is the first part of a three-part series on healthy hormone function and weight loss. In this health article, I’ll discuss why hormonal systems fail, how this causes weight gain, and how we can easily fix hormones naturally, permanently, and without relying on prescription drugs for the rest of our life. First it’s important to understand that hormone imbalances cause […]

10 Summer Vacation Essentials You Should Never Leave Home Without

As another school year comes to a close, students, parents and teachers alike are turning their thoughts towards three glorious months of summer break and summer get-a-ways. However, the excitement of planning a vacation too often goes hand-in-hand with some common complaints I hear from my patients: “I will be traveling and I’m dreading it, because my back […]

The Deadly Dangers of EMF

Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) have been in the news a lot lately. We’re hearing they cause cancer, brain tumors, and decreases in sperm count. But how much of this is true and, if so, why are EMF’s so bad? What are they actually doing in the body that’s so destructive? Let’s get to it. What are […]

3 Solutions to Belly Fat and An Apple-Shaped Body

Let’s face it, belly fat is the worst. Not only is it unattractive and difficult to lose, but it’s one of the best indicators of disease. Increased belly fat in comparison to smaller hips, also known as the Waist-To-Hip ratio (WHR), is particularly dangerous. Research (not that it’s needed) has shown that apple-shaped-people (more belly […]

Natural Solutions for Allergy Relief

Have you ever asked someone who is having an “allergy attack” what they are allergic to, and they say “Everything!” That’s been me my whole life. I was the kid who sniffed too much in class, always had tissues on me and sometimes could even be found with a tissue shoved up one nostril while […]

Allergies and Enzymes: The Unavoidable Link

Your eyes are watering and you’re sneezing uncontrollably. Your friend says, “Oh, you must have allergies.”  “Yeah, it’s like a curse,” you reply. “Oh well, I’ll just take some allergy medication.” Sound familiar? Back before the age of reason, most people believed that disease and allergies were curses from the gods (“God Bless You?”). Fortunately, science […]