18 Strategies To Lose Weight

The simple fact that we must grasp when it comes to weight loss is this: The more habits you incorporate into your life that build you up, the more likely you are to lose weight and regain health. The habits I’ve listed here will assist  you in that endeavour.

I’ve decided to keep this incredibly simple by publishing this as a simple list.  All of these are self evident truths and don’t need much explanation. The key is incorporating them into your life.

For the person wanting to lose weight, consider tackling just one per week. At the end of 18 weeks, you’ll be well on your way to shedding weight, increasing metabolic function, and restoring homeostasis. Or be crazy and do them all at once and watch your well-being take off.

1. Stabilize Blood Sugar

  • Don’t eat white sugar or processed carbohydrates. NONE. They are arguably the most addictive substance on earth and very difficult to consume in small amounts.
  • Always consume carbohydrates congruent with fiber. This means eating oranges instead of orange juice, whole wheat bread instead of white bread, etc.

2. Control Cortisol Levels

  • Choose whatever the biggest stressor is in your life and eliminate it. This may be a moldy house, a toxic relationship, or a job you hate.
  • Support adrenal function with supplementation. I recommend our product, Adrenal Food.

3. Intermittent Fasting

  • Look at the watch when you eat the last meal of the day, don’t eat another meal for 12 hours. This simple trick will teach your body how to begin to burn to burn fat for energy.

4. Sit Less, Move More

  • Get a moving chair, walking desk, ride your bike to work, take the stairs. Always seek to move more. Sitting is toxic, movement is life.

5. Don’t Over Exercise

  • Exercise is all about rest and recovery.  If you eliminate the recovery, you’ll get sick.
  • Use a heart rate monitor when you exercise. Take 180 minus your age. This is the heart  rate you should strive to exercise at when moving.
  • Don’t exercise more than 1 hour per day aerobically. Limit high intensity to less than  7 minutes per day.

6. Eliminate Allergies

  •  If you’re uncertain about what you are allergic to, begin by eliminating inflammatory foods from your diet. These include processed or highly refined carbohydrates, wheat, corn, or dairy.

7. Get Better Sleep

  • Don’t look at technology right before bed. If you must, turn off the blue light.
  • Sleep a room that is completely dark.
  • Wake up with the sun.

8. Balance Your Hormones

  • Balance your estrogen levels by avoiding plastic or meats treated with antibiotics.
  • Consumer healthy fats such as coconut oil, butter, and fish oil.

9. Reduce EMF Exposure

  • Minimize time on electronics. Try reading a book or exploring nature instead.

10. Reduce Chemical Exposure

  • Limit the amount of household cleaners or cosmetics. Make your own with things like vinegar and essential oils.

11. Support Your Gut

12. Support Your Thyroid

  • The thyroid is the gas pedal of the metabolism. Have your thyroid checked and make sure it’s within healthy levels.

13. Stop Eating When You Are Full

  • Eat one plate of food and avoid going back for seconds.

14. Avoid “Low Fat” or “Sugar Free”

  • The types of foods are often packed with chemical additives and can make you more hungry than when you were before you ate them.

15. Don’t Snack

  • Stick to 2-3 meals per day

16. Up Your Mineral Intake

  • Minerals super-charge our cells. Without them, our cells can not thrive. Add more pure sea salt to your diet or try a mineral supplement.

17. Reduce Dietary Variation

  • Eat the same foods each day including fat and protein for breakfast, vegetables for lunch, and meat and vegetables for dinner.

18. Be Happy and Don’t Stress About the Process

  • Maybe your body type is ok as it is. Don’t try and be something that you are not. Love yourself. Tell yourself 100 times per day, “I love myself completely.” In the end, you will believe yourself and that’s all that really matters.
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