Ancestral Keys: The Ancient 7-Step Formula for Achieving Whole Body Health

With all the medical technology surrounding us, it can be far too easy to forget about the fundamentals of health. We look at all the innovations and leaps forward and think to ourselves, “A cure for cancer is right around the corner!”

We do, after all, love our excuses. And the idea that our health is out of our control is the ultimate excuse. This could be good or bad news to you, the reader, but your health is your responsibility, and only you can truly heal yourself.

Unfortunately, the errant idea that our health is out of our control dates back to the beginning of time.

The Fathers of the Formula

The initial recordings of history show us that for thousands of years many cultures believed their health problems were a result of angry and capricious gods. In fact, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, was made famous by telling people otherwise. He redefined what creates health and what destroys us, building his methodology on an ancient form of Ayurvedic medicine.

On the shoulders of Hippocrates stand an entire string of famous scientists and physicians that further built upon Hippocrates’ discoveries, including Antoine Bechamp, Claude Bernard, Harvey Wiley, Weston A. Price, and many more.

The discoveries and revelations these figures unveiled have led to what we now introduce today as the formula for Whole Body Health, an ancestral formula based around this one critical utterance by Hippocrates: “Physician, heal thyself.”

What most of us don’t realize is that when Hippocrates said the word “physician,” he wasn’t talking to the licensed medical doctor we’re familiar with today. He was talking to each and every one of us. He was talking to the layman.

He was talking to you.

Average Joe, Heal Thyself

“But I’m not a physician!” you say.

Well we’re here to tell you that you are. Who, after all is more familiar with your pain? Your suffering? Sure, you may not know which one of the 69,000 ICD diagnoses your condition would fall under, and you may not know which drug your doctor would prescribe to help ease your symptoms, and hell, you may not know what the pancreas does.

But it doesn’t matter.

You, and only you, can heal your mind, your body and your spirit. Another human being can care for you and be a conduit for healing, but ultimately, you must take ownership of your own health. This is THE central component of the Whole Body Health Formula.

You can’t expect to just drop your body off at the doctor’s office like a car repair and pick it up in a couple days. If you’re sick, chances are you did this to yourself – and it’s up to you to heal. You don’t need a degree, a doctorate or a white coat to know how to do this. It’s available to everyone and it’s free of charge.

Once you are willing to take responsibility for your natural health, you’ve taken a significant step toward achieving vibrant, whole body health.

Think of your health as a lock. In order to unlock it, you must first have the keys.

The 7 Ancestral Keys to Whole Body Health

Key 1: Reset your DNA

The healing process can occur only when your body is not overly stressed.

Over the course of our lives, physical, emotional and chemical stresses accumulate in the body. This is known as allostatic stress, or allostatic load. When you receive the maximum amount of stress your body can handle, something breaks. This breaking point is known by many names and diagnoses, and methods have been developed to reduce the effects of those names; but the key to whole body health isn’t focusing on the diagnosis. The key to health is to focus on the stressor that got you to the breaking point, and then eliminating it.

The hands-down, number-one stress in modern life is sugar. Sugar is poison – it’s that simple.

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The consumption of sugar has a direct correlation to obesity, disease and death. It’s critical to determine your maximum level of sugar intake and stay below that. Easing your sugar intake – or eliminating it altogether – can help prevent and heal depression, high blood pressure, poor brain function, diabetes, and much, MUCH more.

The real key is to eliminate sugar for a period of no less than 21 days. This is what we call the “DNA Reset.” Science has shown us through the field of epigenetics that we can literally reset how our body expresses our DNA. Twenty-one days of no sugar will effectively reset your DNA and leave you with more energy and more capacity for vibrant, whole body health.

Key 2: Seal Leaky Gut and Re-establish Digestive Capacity

Most of us, to varying degrees, have what’s called “leaky gut.” So no matter where we are in terms of our overall health, it’s critical that we familiarize ourselves with this ancestral key. It was Hippocrates who said, “All disease begins in the gut.” But why?

In order to be healthy, our digestion needs to be functioning at maximum capacity. Digestion is the key to breaking down whole foods and soaking up their nutrient density. But things like pasteurization, enzyme-deficient food, and antibiotics have destroyed too many people’s digestive capabilities.

As the gut biome’s acid, enzymes and probiotic populations are diminished, nutrition is not effectively utilized and we’re unable to heal, causing a host of symptoms and suffering including diabetes, obesity, arthritis, depression and chronic fatigue.

So if all disease begins in the gut, it naturally follows that all healing begins in the gut. We heal our gut by eliminating sugar from our diet, ingesting nutrient-dense and fermented foods, and consuming copious amounts of bone broth.

Key 3: Movement

Movement is life. Your lymphatic system, which detoxifies your body, is pumped only by movement of the body. Your muscles, and the cells within them, are your metabolism and need to be built through movement. Proper movement (a.k.a. exercise) pulls oxygen into the body, saturating your cells and keeping the DNA functioning properly.

Science has proven over and over again that you can live longer, be happier, and look better through movement. Just remember: Sitting is the new smoking.

Key 4: Eat Good Fats and Fat-Soluble Vitamins

Fat is essential for life. Our brains and hormone systems are made of fat. Every cell in our body is covered in a double fat layer. Our nervous system needs fat to function. Should I go on? I could.

For the past 50 years we’ve been told that fat is bad. The food pyramid encouraged us to consume 6-11 servings of carbohydrates and a measly 1-3 servings of fat, which has helped to vastly increase incidence of obesity, diabetes, arthritis, dementia, and dozens of other conditions that have unfortunately become household names.

The bottom line is this: Without sufficient amounts of the right types of fat, including saturated fats, Omega 3s, and vitamins A, D and K, we cannot properly utilize minerals or vitamins. The three aspects to this are:

  • Balancing the Omega 3s with Omega 6s in our diet so it’s a 2:1 ratio.
  • Filling our fat-soluble deficiencies through nutrient-dense foods and supplementation.
  • Increase the amount of saturated fat in our diet.

Key 5: Rebuild Vitamin and Mineral Reserves

If your body is a factory, the minerals and vitamins are the workforce that keeps that factory running. It’s common to consume enormous amounts of calories and be starving for minerals and vitamins. The sole cause of this phenomenon is the loss of precious soil in this country resulting from mono-crops and genetically modified foods.

Synthetic man-made supplements at your corner drug stores don’t work. Those are not nutrition, but rather food-like chemicals, and they don’t restore health. It’s critical to replace what’s been lost through nutrient-dense food and concentrated food supplements so our cells and bodies can unlock their true genetic potential.

Key 6: Balance and Nourish Hormone Systems

When your body has long been stressed from the lack of the previous five keys, we exist in a constant state of imbalance and eventually bear symptoms like pain, depression, infertility, low libido, low energy and obesity. These are clear indications of hormone failure, an inevitable result of poor nutrition and continual exposure to stress.

This is why it’s imperative that, before you focus on your hormones, you first eliminate stress, fix your digestion and replace the lost nutrition. Rest and supplementation are key factors in regaining full hormonal function and healing the long-term damage that’s been done.

But rather than taking hormones to compensate for your lack of them (the short-term solution with long-term negative effects), you can take powerful herbs that have long-term results and won’t negatively affect your health.

Key 7: Fasting and Detoxification

Rest and renewal are essential ingredients in healing, and a natural way of cleansing your body’s ailments. When we eat we utilize enormous amounts of energy during digestion (food coma, anyone?). And when we eat refined carbohydrates and sugar, we create a flood of digestion confusion along with organ fatigue.

Intermittent fasting gives the whole body a much-needed rest and reset, and is absolutely essential for detoxification and long-term whole body health. An important component of this detoxification is eliminating the heavy metals from the body that come as a result of exposure to pesticides, arsenic and teeth amalgams, among others.

How to Unlock Your Health with the Seven Keys

The journey to whole body health is not a short path, but rather a long and winding road. As Lao Tzu wrote: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

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Remember: Your health is your responsibility. It’s not your family’s, it’s not your family doctor’s, heck it’s not even ours. But what we can do with the Whole Body Health Formula is provide you with the quintessential knowledge and the comprehensive, whole body formula that clearly shows you how to retake control of your health today.

You’ll find thousands of books, doctors and online “health gurus” who promise a quick fix. “Lose 30 pounds in 30 days!” or “Here, take this medication.”

While that sounds nice and convenient, those solutions do not provide lasting, long-term health because they do not fix all the underlying causes of poor health. The Whole Body Health Formula does.

While every other solution solves only part of the problem, we’ve taken all the ancestral knowledge and capacity and combined it into one comprehensive formula to help you achieve truly vibrant, whole body health.

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