The Breast Cancer Survival Guide, Part 2: Elimination

The first step to surviving breast cancer is to alleviate the stress on the body. Stress comes in a variety of forms, including emotional, chemical, nutritional and physical. In part two of the Breast Cancer Survival Guide, we’re going to go in depth into each primary stressor that should be removed.

What Needs to Be Removed:

  1. Emotional Stressors
  2. Sugar, in all forms (including alcohol)
  3. Processed “enzyme-less” foods
  4. Animal protein
  5. City tap water
  6. Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) – cell phones, wifi, etc.
  7. All personal care products
  8. Smoking

Part 3 of the Breast Cancer Survival Guide will go into what needs to be added. But we have to first clear out the junk to make room for the good stuff.

#1:  REMOVE Emotional Stressors

emotional stress breast cancer

Studies have shown that the combination of extreme stress and low social support relates to a nine-fold increase in breast cancer.1 Re-read that last sentence 100 times. As unbelievable as that may sound, this is one of the primary determinants of breast cancer.

Are you in an unhappy marriage? Are you miserable at your job? Are you not getting support from someone close in your life? These situations MUST be resolved if you want to to stand any chance of ridding your body of cancer. Deepak Chopra, in his book Quantum Healing, says the one thing the remission of terminal cancer patients have in common is a transformation in their mental attitude.

Are you smiling or screaming on the inside?

What makes you scream must be eliminated. I know it’s hard, but so is cancer. Run from what makes you scream and pursue what makes you smile. If you have an emotionally unsupportive husband, attempt to have a heartfelt conversation and beg him for his unequivocal support. If he won’t support you, leave him. It’s really that simple.

The breast cancer patient MUST find a way to have peace in her life. There is no way to medicate or supplement your way around this problem. Here are my suggestions:

  • Forgive those who you’re angry with, especially yourself.
  • Ask for forgiveness of those who angry at you.
  • Be willing to give up what you’re doing wrong.
  • Be willing to give up those who continually wrong you.
  • Tell yourself daily: “I love myself completely and fully accept complete healing.”

#2:  REMOVE Sugar in all forms (including alcohol)

sugar breast cancer

Sugar feeds cancer cells. This is well known in both the medical and holistic communities.

Sugar literally sucks the nutrients and minerals out of the body, creates an acidic medium for cells, and creates inflammation (Recall: an acidic environment and inflammation are both primary contributors to breast cancer, as we discussed in part one). All research of breast cancer shows that ALL sugar must be eliminated from the diet. People with high insulin levels have a 50% increased risk of breast cancer and a 2x higher risk of death once diagnosed.2

This means all the cookies, crackers, cakes, cereal, soda, desserts, energy drinks, alcohol, etc. MUST be removed from the diet. COMPLETELY. Absolutely NO cheating.

Sugar always ferments in the digestive system, contributing to the wholesale destruction of enzymes and healthy bacteria, resulting in further toxicity. Alcohol is fermented sugar in its worst form. Studies show that there are no safe levels of alcohol consumption for the breast cancer patient. The more one drinks, the higher the risk of cancer. Alcohol is broken down in the body into over a dozen different known carcinogens.3

A ketogenic diet (zero sugar diet) is more effective at fighting cancer than any chemotherapy agent on earth. There is no easy way to saying this, but if you don’t want to give up sugar, then you don’t really want to heal. My own empiric observation has shown me that every cancer patient I have ever encountered loves sugar.

When you give up sugar you’re going to feel lousy for a while – this is normal. As you starve off the diseased sugar-eating cells, you are going to feel poorly for at least a week. After about a week, maybe sooner, your cells will begin to burn fat for energy and your energy will start to return.

Stay off all sugar until your cancer is completely gone, then keep it at a very minimum for the rest of your life. Once you have had cancer once, you’re at greater risk of it returning.

For a detailed explanation of the ketogenic diet, read Kristen’s article The Ketogenic Diet: Far From a Fad >

#3: REMOVE Processed “Enzyme-less” Foods

processed foods breast cancer

All living food (meat, vegetables, fruits) naturally contain enzymes. Enzymes are how foods break down, both in and out of the body. If you leave food out on the counter it spoils. Ever left McDonald’s French fries out on the counter? They’ll sit there for years and not go bad. Why? No enzymes.

Every bit of food that touches your mouth should still have enzymes in it. This means that you should not be consuming any processed, canned, pasteurized, packaged or pre-prepared food.

Simply eat how 99.9% of your ancestors ate – real food! Organic produce, fruits, vegetables. If the food didn’t exist 500 years ago, don’t eat it. All food was organically grown 500 years ago and so should be the type of food you consume.

Enzymes are killed with heat and begin to die at around 115 degrees. This means that you’ll want to avoid pasteurized milk, too, as it also has no enzymes. It’s OK to cook some of your vegetables, as this makes them easier to digest.

#4: REMOVE Animal Protein

animal protein breast cancer

I love animal protein, and it can be healthy, but not for the breast cancer patient. This is for two reasons:

  1. First, most breast cancers have a hormonal aspect to them, and all animal proteins contain female sex hormones. Much of this is because animals from CAFO’s (contained animal feeding operations) are stressed animals and therefore have high levels of stress hormones in their tissues. Also, many unscrupulous farmers feed their animals hormones (especially estrogen) to get them bigger faster. Even healthy animal protein still contains some hormones.
  2. Second, it’s been shown by many doctors that the body uses pancreatic and proteolytic enzymes to break down cancer. This was the life work of Richard Kelly, and he talks about this at length in his book The One Answer to Cancer. He successfully cured thousands of patients from cancer with his protocols, and he, like many others, removed animal protein. The fact is that the body needs these pancreatic and proteolytic enzymes to break down the cancer, and you don’t want to divert any of them toward digestion.

It’s imperative that you go off all animal protein for at least six months or until your cancer is no longer present (whichever is longer). Dr. Kelly found that liver and eggs were OK for the cancer patient to consume and contain all the essential amino acids you need.

#5: REMOVE City Tap Water

tap water breast cancer

Fluoride is a known enzyme inhibitor, and even a small amount of it inhibits 63 different enzyme systems in the body for hours afterwards. There is some evidence that choline and chlorine gas also contribute to some cancers.

Additionally, city water is incidentally spiked with a host of other chemicals, including environmental run-off, agricultural chemicals and medications. Cities monitor these chemicals and attempt to keep them at “acceptable” levels, but the reality most don’t realize is that the acceptable levels are still at an incredibly toxic level.

According to the EPA, it’s impossible for cities and municipalities to remove all harmful chemicals. In fact, they publish a list called the Contaminate Candidate List (CCL) of the regulated chemicals that are still in the water every five years.

It’s best to purchase spring water or buy a Reverse Osmosis filter for the home – and pitch your fluoride toothpaste. The inside of our cells contain 60% of the water in the body and that water needs to be healthy and pure.

#6: REMOVE Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) – cell phones, WiFi, etc.

Modern man is in love with electrical gadgets, most especially our cell phones. Even many health-minded people don’t want to recognize the unhealthy side effects of phones, but if you have breast cancer, it’s past time to admit the truth.

The truth is that each person has a specific tolerance level to EMF’s before our cellular environment begins breaking. This can easily be tested by muscle testing people while operating electrical devices. In my office, any time I see someone bent over staring at their phone, I’ll walk over and muscle test their neurological function. Most of the time the person’s nervous system is diminished enough so that they become “weak” to a muscle test. Effectively, their cellular charge is being damaged by the EMF.

All EMF waves are rated by how many times per second the energy oscillates. These waves flow into our bodies and are absorbed by our cells and act as free radicals in the body. The cell’s protection from EMF is iodine and antioxidants. As we become depleted in these two substances, our body responds by producing cortisol in a stress response. This pulls sugar out of our cells and creates heat. Chronic stress produces inflammation and breaks the cellular walls and unstructures the water of our body, allowing our intracellular water and contents to leak out into the plasma.

One of the factors that leaks out is an enzyme called DNase. DNase further increases cellular and DNA breakdown. As this occurs, the DNA strands break and unwind. This can be directly measured in the increase of heat-reactive proteins in the body. As this cycle continues, it compromises the blood-brain barrier, allowing toxins and heavy metals to enter the brain. As our DNA becomes altered and the toxins enter our cells, our body becomes ripe for cancer.

Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology built the first frequency monitor in the world. Using it, he found that the average frequency of the body is between 62 and 68 Hz. With chronic stress, the frequency drops below 58 and sickness appears. Below 55 Hz, candida will take hold of the body, below 52 Hz, viruses such as Epstein-Barr become evident, and at 42 Hz cancer appears.

The high frequency is generated by healthy human cells. However, as continuous exposure to EMF zaps our cells we progressively lose our intracellular water, and the energy of our cells decreases, making them more prone to cancer.

I measure intracellular water and charge of the cells on all patients that come in our door. Every cancer patient I have ever measured has extremely low cellular charge and water.

The damaging effects of EMF are being continuously documented. One notable study by the Swedish National Institute for Working Life clearly demonstrated the link between cell phone habits and brain tumors. The findings were as follows: People who use their cell phone for 2,000 cumulative hours in their life had a 240% increase in malignant tumors on the side of the head where they usually hold the phone.

To make matters worse: Many women put their phones in their bra or their purse, which they keep right next to the breast tissue. How many hours have you had your smart phone on your body? Women with breast cancer must immediately change this habit.

Long story short. Give up your iPhone and turn off your wifi. At the very least turn off your WiFi while you sleep and never let your phone rest near your body.

#7: REMOVE (or Replace) All Personal Care Products

cosmetics breast cancer

In the USA, the skincare industry self-regulates what they put in their products. Translation: Most products are full of cheap toxic carcinogenic ingredients. These include lead, phthalates, formaldehyde, parabens, oxybenzonate . . . and on and on and on.

Research shows that the average woman is using 12 different personal care products every day and is being exposed to literally hundreds of toxic ingredients. And our skin readily absorbs all of these toxins, which go directly into our blood stream and damage our cellular function.

Many of these toxins are known as EDCs (endocrine disruption chemicals). These are known to be in most cosmetics, cleaning agents, foaming agents, etc. Europe and much of the rest of the industrial world has banned hundreds of ingredients in personal care products, while the FDA has banned only 30.

I frequently measure female hormone levels and find that it’s often impossible to get them to normalize until the patient has given up personal beauty products or at least begun using a reputable company. My suggestion is to buy natural toothpaste, shampoo, soap, toothpaste and makeup and to use coconut oil as your moisturizer. Never buy traditional moisturizers, suntan lotions or products with lots of ingredients that you can’t pronounce, and quit going to the hair and nail salon, as these are potentially the most toxic places on earth. Replace all of your home care products immediately!

For more information on this topic, read Kristen’s latest article, Death by Cosmetics: How Our Beauty Products Are Killing Us >

#8: REMOVE Smoking

smoking breast cancer

I’m not going to comment on this, as I don’t want to waste your time. If you are still smoking after your diagnosis then you’re probably going to die. The truth hurts and if you care about life, put the cigarettes away for the last time.


Continue Reading – Breast Cancer Survival Guide, Part 3: Addition >


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3 Klatsky, et al., ECCO – The European Cancer Conference 2007, Barcelona, Spain (

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  1. Kathy Hudgins
    Kathy Hudgins says:

    Back in 2013, I made serious lifestyle changes: started working with a health coach. She in turn, helped me realize my ways would eventually be my demise if I did not change things. I never smoked in my life, however, I was exposed to 2nd hand smoke from my mom and of course the hubby. I changed my diet, started eating less processed junk, less fast food. I also stopped wearing make up, started using products that were paraben free, sulfate free, etc. Changed by bath products, shampoos, etc. 2 years later, well I was diagnosed with DCIS breast cancer that was caught in its earliest stage. I consider myself lucky. To be honest, I thought what the f****, I made all of these changes and it still got me. But it did not stop me. I still work out when able, try to eat right, and keep my fingers crossed that I do not encounter that mess again. Given my family history on mom’s side, I had to make to those changes. She was one of 8 childern, I have 1 aunt and 1 uncle left of her siblings. They have either died of cancer or heart disease. I was determined not to be another statistic. Living healthy can be done, you have to want it.


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