Detox With The Doctor: Return Home

I’ve been back in the states for less than two weeks, and already my time in the jungle feels like a dream. I learned so much and I want to share with you.

It’s easy to think that our way of living is the only way to live. It’s often reassuring to read books and watch TV that agrees with our current perspective. Often we spend time with people and have conversations that only further convince us that we’re right to feel a certain way.

For a long time, I’ve had my own views on how I believed humanity should live, but more specifically how health care should function. I thought I had an enlightened view on the best way to heal. I felt that other forms of touch and medicine were potentially less powerful because, after all, I wasn’t using them.

In an effort to both heal myself and to further advance my knowledge of ancient healing methods, I spent five weeks in Costa Rica working with healers and shamans. During that time, I forced myself to open up my mind and test on my own body healing arts that have been used in Central and South America for centuries, if not millennia.

Through many of these methods, I have found another degree of healing—and in areas I didn’t even know needed mending.

Below I describe some ancient methods of healing in which I participated during my time in Costa Rica.

Technique #1: Fasting

Fasting is a method used to clear the mind and strengthen the body and spirit. It has been used for thousands of years by every civilization on earth to stimulate healing. I began my trip in early January with a seven-day fast, and have practiced intermittent fasting every day since. In every 24-hour cycle, I go for 16 hours without eating (this includes sleep), and condense my eating to an eight-hour window. Through this process I lost over 14 pounds in one month and healed my digestive tract.

Technique #2: Deep Breathing and Meditation

For the past month, I’ve spent one hour per day doing deep breathing and mediation. Through practice, I developed a greater sense of body awareness and breath. This was difficult at first, but as I’ve practiced I’ve found that I was able to separate my body from my thoughts.

It’s helpful to realize that you are not your thoughts, and to be able to turn down the constant repetition and volume of the mind. This is something I plan to continue for the rest of my life.

Technique #3: Sweat Lodges

For all recorded American Indian history, sweat lodges were a way for people to connect to the earth and to God. Many people liken this experience to being back in our mother’s womb. Weekly, we spent about one hour in a sweat lodge with 50 or so other people shoulder to shoulder in complete darkness, giving thanks to the earth and God and offering up prayers. The pain and sweat of the heat is immensely detoxifying to the body, the mind and the spirit.

Technique #4: Practicing Gratitude

In a spiritual ceremony celebrated through the night, we sang hymns of thankfulness and prayer. During this ceremony, I was forced to deal with my emotional and spiritual issues like never before. As the sun came up, I felt reborn and feelings of love and peace washed over me. This was one of the most profound and powerful experiences of my life.

Role Reversal

In addition to being healed in so many different ways, I brought my own form of healing down to Costa Rica. I helped many people who were ill and in pain, utilizing a combination of chiropractic, nutrition and education.

  • I helped a resort resident who was suffering with an autoimmune disease by prescribing iodine.
  • I assisted a man who was suffering from chronic migraines and fatigue. His Atlas (top bone of the spine) was extremely out of place and I put it back for him, giving him instant relief.
  • I adjusted a girl who had a slipped disc and was unable to walk.
  • I helped at least 15 people who were vegans understand why they needed to eat meat to heal their chronic fatigue and digestive issues.
  • I taught many in a vegetarian community how to make bone broth.

So the healing went both ways. It was wonderful to be able to give back to a community that gave me so much in such a short amount of time. This is a trip I will never forget, one that introduced new perspectives on health and healing, and one I hope to repeat.

There is often no better remedy for disease than an open mind.

Thank you for following my journey.

Much Love and God Bless,

Dr. Timothy Weeks

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