My 5 Favorite Products to Stay Green This Summer

Schools out and that means it’s time for summer vacation. Whether you and your family have a road trip planned or just hoping to spend some time at the local pool, you will most likely be busy running around from activity to activity. To save you some time, I’ve put together a list of my five favorite summer products to keep you and your family safe and healthy this summer.

Goddess Garden Organics Natural Sunscreen

One of the best ways to get vitamin D is through sun exposure. However, everyone’s skin is different and it’s important to protect yourself and your kids if you are prone to burns. Unfortunately, most sunscreens on the market are made from a concoction of synthetic chemicals that could be damaging to your health. According to the Environmental Working Group, three-fourths of the 750 sunscreen products on the market contain worrisome ingredients like oxybenzone, a hormone disruptor, and retinyl palmitate, a form of vitamin A that may harm skin.

Goddess Garden Organics Natural Sunscreen is made with organic, plant-based ingredients that are safe for your skin but also safe for the environment. Grab a normal six ounce bottle or throw a small one ounce bottle in your purse to take with you on the go.

RealAloe® Gelly

If you forget to use your sunscreen or spent a little too much time in the sun, a great way to soothe your skin is with natural aloe. If you don’t have access to an actual plant, RealAloe® Gelly is the next best thing. This gel cools and calms minor burns from too much sun exposure and leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized.

Splash Infuser™

Staying hydrated is the most important thing you can do for your health year round, but even more important during hot summer months. You can easily get dehydrated without even realizing it until it’s too late. A fun and delicious way to drink more water is to give it some flavor using a Splash Infuser™. This cute little contraption is a personalized muddle that fits inside your cup or water bottle. The idea is to use whatever flavor you want (fresh berries, mint, herbs), crush them up, then drop them in your water to release the flavor. The BPA-free container keeps the pulp from the fruit and herbs inside so your water stays clear. This is a great way to keep kids away from sugary fruit juices and sodas and makes them feel like they are getting a treat.

Homemade Bug Spray

Bug spray is another product packed with harmful chemicals. Not only does it get absorbed through your skin, it is often times accidentally breathed in which can lead to serious respiratory issues. Fortunately, there is a safer alternative to ward off those pesky bugs. I have found that this simple and inexpensive homemade bug spray recipe works just as effectively as store-bought options. Here’s what I do: In a small spray bottle, combine equal parts distilled water and witch hazel. Mix in about 30 drops essential oil of citronella, clove, lemongrass, rosemary, tea tree, lavender and eucalyptus. Combine well and spray away!

Hyland’s Poison Ivy/Oak Tablets

If you have kids, a great remedy to keep on-hand is Hyland’s Poison Ivy/Oak Tablets. These tablets are a traditional homeopathic formula for relief of itching and burning symptoms after contact with poison ivy or poison oak. With kids playing outside and running through the woods, they are bound to come home with itchy legs at some point. Having these on hand is a great way to treat the irritation fast and safely.

Where to Buy

When shopping for products that you are going to be using on your body, make sure they are from a trusted source. Going “green” is the best thing you are can for your family, but also for the environment as well. I hope you check out some of the products listed above and incorporate them into your life. Not sure where to buy them? Check out your local health food store. We carry all these products and more at our Whole Body Health Clinic in Medina, Ohio.

If you have health problems that concern you, please call our office (330) 764-3434. Come in for a free consultation and let us help you.

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