Shit Yourself Skinny

Excuse my French but sometimes cursing gets peoples attention, and this topic requires your attention. If I could wave my magic medical wand and do one thing for all of my patients, it would be to re-inoculate their shit with bacteria.


Let me expound. Many of us don’t realize that there are over 20 times as many bacteria in our colon (shit) than there are cells in our body. New research is showing that this bacteria has a far greater impact on our health than any of us ever realized. In particular, this bacteria is responsible for detoxifying us and making us skinny.

Because of our toxic lifestyles, the bacteria become overwhelmed – you get fat (see last post for details). Not only do you get fat, your immune system gets worse, you get depressed, your immunity drops, you get allergies and you have higher risk of arthritis.

It’s kind of hard to wrap your head around, but having proper gut bacteria has a stronger determination on what’s going to happen during your life then your genetics or upbringing. There goes Nurture vs Nature – it should be Healthy Shit vs Lifestyle.

Researchers using gene profiling found that the absence of gut bacteria during infancy permanently altered genes and signaling pathways involved in weight, learning, memory, and motor control. Proper gut bacteria also help hundreds of your genes to express themselves in a positive, disease-fighting manner.

Gut Bacteria and Children

In human children gut bacteria has shown to affect weight for life.  One study found babies with high numbers of bifidobacteria and low numbers of Staphyloccus seemed to be protected from weight gain and obesity.

Another study found that obese people had 20% more bad bacteria and 90% less good bacteria than lean people.

A ground-breaking experiment on human twins found that gut flora massively affects obesity. They transferred gut bacteria from pairs of human twins in whom one was obese and the other lean. The bacteria from these twins was then put into mice. The mice with bacteria from fat twins grew fat; those that got bacteria from lean twins stayed lean.

This is the biggest break-through in the science of obesity that has ever happened.


It is irrefutable evidence that having the proper balance of bacteria will lead to weight loss. The difficult thing is balancing the good bacteria . . . so you can shit yourself skinny.

When people come to my clinic, the obvious goal is to help them resolve the symptom for which they came in. To do this we must address the cause. If you miss the true underlying cause of a symptom, the person never gets better and you end up just chasing symptoms.

We want to get to the cause of weight gain – to just take a probiotic is chasing symptoms.

How to Solve the Problem of Gut Bacteria

Solving this involves addressing:

  1. Sugar and carbohydrate intolerance
  2. Leaky Gut Syndrome
  3. How your body burns fuel for energy – the skinny on fats
  4. How to exercise to promote good bacteria and to turn your body into a fat burning machine
  5. Addressing the damage done by your previous lifestyle.
  6. Winning the dietary game of life

These will be the next 6 blog posts and will be your guide to not only losing weight but dramatically improving your health. 

Some side effects you’ll experience from going through this process are:

  • Better mood
  • More energy
  • Less pain
  • Better sex life
  • Higher immunity
  • Sharper thinking

Looking forward to seeing a better you.

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